Getting Him to Move Your Relationship Forward

Getting Him to Move Your Relationship Forward

Have you been frustrated that your relationship with a man isn’t going anywhere and wanting to move it forward? Feelings of deep anger, crying buckets of tears, and constant anguish is what many women face on a daily basis. I want you to know that you’re not meant to struggle in relationships. It’s not normal to cry constantly, feel pain and agony because he’s not wanting to take your relationship further.

You’ve probably experienced the constant confusion. Why do men tell you how important you are, sleep with you, then tell you they just want to be friends? In order to move it forward with a guy, you have to know why men stall. Men stall because of attraction. They don’t feel a gut level, knee jerking attraction past thinking you look hot. If your man did, he would put a ring on your finger.

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Now that you know the problem is his low grade level of attraction for you, you must stop doing things that is creating less and less attraction. In order to do this in relationships, you must take another route. This route is unfamiliar because many women often take the failure route.

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When a man has a deep gut level of attraction, he senses on another level that you’re totally into YOU. He can pick up that you truly and deeply love yourself and you don’t need him to make you happy. This forms a magnet of attraction around you and some guys just can’t explain why, they just know that a particular woman has a powerful attractor factor about her.

What this means is that you’re not spending time talking down or bashing guys. When you get truly focused on yourself in a healthy way, you create a tone around you that guys can’t help but find irresistible. He has to see and feel something he’s never felt before. Anything you’ve done up till now has to stop. Your goal is to take him to the next level by taking yourself to the next level. When you take your game higher, you’ll have him flying in your corner.

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One important must do for today is writing yourself a love letter. This can be a short paragraph that affirms the qualities in you that matter. Men can’t resist a woman’s pure love for herself.

This love letter is exactly what you want a man to write to you, but you must write it first in order to start shifting yourself towards a higher mindset that will work to pull him in. After you write the love letter, read it out loud and imagine all of the love you feel, then imagine all of this love being the love you desire in your relationship.

You don’t want to fall in love THEN try to get a commitment. You want a commitment to move towards you. It may not sound like something that will move your relationship forward, but it will work like magic along with other proven tips.


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