How to Get Your Ex Back by Fighting Back

One problem that some relationships run into is the fact that one person is too agreeable and never takes the initiative. It can grow boring when one person needs to make all of the decisions and as a result, this can cause that person to break up with their partner. If your ex broke up with you for being too passive, or settled in your comfort zone, where you take your partner for granted, you may be able to win them back by learning to take control. Any healthy relationship should be based on give and take, so when you question how to get your ex back by fighting back, you may become more attractive to your ex and make them question their decision.

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Naturally, however, you will want to be careful about the steps you take with learning how to get your ex back by fighting back. You will not want to become too forceful and assertive, as this can make your ex feel as if you are being pushy.

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Rather, you will want to learn how to argue and stand up for yourself in a fun and lighthearted manner. Learning how to spar with your partner can add some spice into the relationship. Couples who challenge each other often enjoy the mutual mental stimulation that it brings, which can often be quite entertaining and enhance mutual respect no matter what the situation is.

Therefore, you will want to figure out how to get your ex back this way when the situation arises.

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This will require you to spend time with your ex again, although you may be able to convince them to do this by asserting yourself to the point where they have to meet you. This will make your ex see that you’ve grown and changed during your time apart.

While you are spending time with this person, make sure that you make your opinions known. Your ex should begin to see that you are taking control and fighting back against them asserting themselves against you. This makes you appear less needy and will increase your own sense of self worth, which your ex partner will find far more attractive.

While you should not actually cause a fight when learning to fight back, this simple act of standing up for yourself and asserting your opinion can work wonders toward your own self esteem and make your relationship even stronger.

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