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Either way, there are ways to earn money from your home. To work from home means you no longer have to worry about driving miles to work. You will save on gas, and the general wear and tear of your car. You don’t have the stress of being late due to traffic, or the frightening road conditions in the winter.

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Working from home can have many advantages to working outside of the home. There are many choices when you start your search for online or offline work. One of the choices is to write from home. You can get paid to write for companies or individuals online. This is a legitimate job.

To get started you need a computer an internet connection. You can go to the web and Google for paid writing jobs. There are a few legitimate writing sites that pay you for web content. You are called a “ghost writer” or a free-lance writer.

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A couple sites that pay for you to write are Textbroker and iWriter. There are many others, you just have to do your research. When you apply for your online writing job, you may have to fill out a writing resume, and list all of your experience in writing. Others just have you do sample writing.

After you get accepted, some of the sites let the people that place the orders rate your writing, and other sites have editors that rate your writing skills. Either way, you usually get paid in a tier system. The better you’re writing skills, the higher you rank.

When you rank high in your writing, you get paid a fair amount of money for your efforts. A lot of the sites pay you by the words that you write. Sometimes you have a required amount of words for each article you write. If you are disciplined, and treat this like a real job, you can make a fair income.

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You need to set up an area that you can work without interruptions, and set up your work hours. You can either decide on a certain amount of money that you need to earn, or set up your schedule by how many hours you want to work every day.

Other things you can do to boost your writing income are:

  1. Start a writing blog
  1. Set up a writing web site to advertise and get jobs
  1. Offline writing for local organizations, newspapers and businesses

There is a lot of potential for making money online with genuine work from home. You need to remember to treat it like a business. You have to treat yourself like the professional you are. The only limitations you have are yourself. Work hard, set your goals, and the sky is the limit!


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