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“From cure cancer t-shirts to purple fund-raising pull-string bows to running or walking in local 5k road races, there are a variety of ways to jump start your participation in fund raising events for cancer research. Cancer, unfortunately, is becoming something that is all too common in the United States. Each year, thousands of people receive the diagnosis that they have cancer.

And while medical research has found cures for some forms of cancer, there is no cure-all for every form of cancer that is currently out there. However, there have been vast improvements in the research that is being done as well as the types of treatments that are being administered to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer lead more pain-free lives without quite as many side effects.

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Part of the improved research can be attributed to various fund raising efforts that are taking place within local communities. As previously mentioned, it is not terribly difficult to get involved in fund raising efforts for cancer research. In fact, being a part of the effort is quite easy to do. For example, there are usually tons of road races and fund-raising events that take place right where you live. The problem is that most people don’t even realize this! Additionally, if you feel that there isn’t enough being done to raise awareness for cancer research, or if you just want to take charge, simply seek out your local town or city official to find out more information on what would be required of you to start your own fund-raising project.

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Cancer is something that afflicts so many, and for numerous people, receiving a cancer diagnosis is akin to receiving a death sentence. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. There is so much being done in the medical field to make improvements to cancer treatment, and it is the hope of so many out there-both who have suffered with cancer or who have watch a loved one suffer from cancer- who are hopeful that there will one day be a cure for all types of cancer. However, we need to get started today with raising awareness.

Whether it’s a super-light key ring or a ribbon or some other type of apparel, jewelry or donation gift, the more money we raise as well as the more visual we are in our support of the cancer fight, the more people we can get involved to help contribute towards finding a cure.”


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