Fixing a Broken Relationship

Nobody wants to have relationship problems, but it happens. If the relationship is important to you, and you love them, you are going to want to take steps towards fixing a broken relationship. When it comes to mending a relationship that has gone sour, it is important to first look at yourself, and what you have done to aggravate the issues at hand, and then make an effort change your behavior.

When your marriage or relationship is on the line, and you love the person you are involved with, it sometimes takes a sacrifice on your part to make it work. Self examination is the first step to addressing the problems you experiencing in your relationship. Are you jealous? Needy? Clingy? Unpleasant? Argumentative? Cold? Have you broken promises or forgotten important events? In order to get to the root of the problem you are having with your significant other, you need to identify the traits in yourself that seems to cause conflict and strife.

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When you are able to admit that some of the problem is caused by your indifference or tendency to start an argument, you can then take steps towards changing that within yourself, but you have to want to do it.
After you have figured out what it is about yourself that is causing your relationship to flounder, you can then admit this to your partner, and together you take steps towards trying to remedy the problem

If you are important to your spouse, they should be willing to help you through this, realizing that it will improve your relationship. You may also ask them to examine their behavior towards you, and work on doing the same thing with them. If you are both honest about what is going wrong with the relationship, you are more than halfway to fixing the problem.

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Relationships take work, time and effort. There is no such thing as a one-sided relationship, unless you are a hermit and happy that way. When it comes to fixing a broken relationship, it is important to note that it will not happen over night, and that both of you will have to adjust and compromise to make it work. If you truly love your partner, and the idea of a separation or a divorce makes you infinitely sad, then you need to swallow your pride, admit your faults, and make an effort to correct them for the sake of your relationship.


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