Finding a Lost Friend Through Social Networking

Finding a Lost Friend Through Social Networking

Is there someone from your past about whom you have strong memories? Are you curious about where the person is and what the person might be doing? Would you like to contact the person but do not know where he or she might be? Here is my story about connecting with a lost friend.

A couple years ago I started thinking about a man I dated many years ago. We met at the beach one summer and dated for a couple years. He drove a blue Corvette, was an amazing dancer, a terrific painter and a lot of fun to be with.

I didn’t have much time for social networking, but did dabble a bit with one site and was told you could find people from your past there. So I thought I would give it a try. I went to the site and typed in his name. Several people with the same name came up on my monitor screen. I checked out the site for each person with the same name, most of whom had pictures on the site. I could tell by the pictures who was not the man I was looking for. There was only one person left and he did not have a photo.

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I wrote to the person and mentioned some things that would tune him into our past relationship. I wrote about his motor cycle accident, the nicknames we had for each other, and some of the dates we shared. In about one hour, I heard back from him. It was pretty exciting!

We exchanged email addresses and wrote back and forth several times that evening. Then we talked on the phone a couple times and exchanged photographs. And then we met at a boathouse halfway between where he lived and I lived.

We spent the afternoon together, had dinner and reminisced about the times we shared when we dated. We talked about our marriages, children, work and experiences after the years that we dated. It was so interesting to see this man after forty years. I thought about how he had changed and how I was at that time and how I had changed.

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Spending time with the person and then exchanging emails and talking by phone was a lot of fun. If there is someone from your past that you are curious about and you would like to get in touch with, I recommend finding the person through a social network system. It will bring back memories and help you bridge the time from when you knew each other to the present.


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