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Female Sexual Dysfunction ? An Overview

Female Sexual Dysfunction ? An Overview

Sometimes referred to as frigidity, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a condition in which the sufferer experiences reduced or no sexual desire, is unable to achieve orgasm, or is occasionally in pain during the sexual act.

Studies reveal that nearly 50% of females are affected by FSD and this percentage goes up with age in women. Although, not as common as male sexual dysfunction, it is believed that women suffering from diabetes are more likely to experience sexual dysfunction, which is, nearly twice more likely than women without diabetes. However, this does not necessarily imply that a female having diabetes will suffer from sexual dysfunction.

The factors that lead to the condition are either physical, psychological or both. Among psychological factors, the relationship that a woman shares with her spouse is of utmost importance.

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Causes of FSD

Below mentioned are some of the important and notable psychological factors leading to FSD.

Negative experiences or problematic events in the past ? Although not considered to be a major cause, detrimental experiences can however contribute to the loss of desire or arousal in women.

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Factors under an individuals control ? In spite of such factors not being studied in detail, it is believed that high stress levels, fatigue, ill health, and other personal experiences can induce irregularities in one?s sexual responses like desire, arousal or the ability to reach an orgasm.

Relationships ? A woman who is in a relationship, either temporary or permanent, that is not functioning at its optimum level, stands a chance to acquire the disorder. Satisfaction in a relationship is a major factor that aids in leading a functional sexual life especially in couples.

Others ? Other factors include:
Factors like none or little sexual knowledge; improper or no sexual interaction or communication with the spouse; reduced or no sexual stimulation; socially rigid situations which makes a woman uncomfortable; and even staying at home with parents for an extended period can impact the sexual health of a female.

Apart from the psychological factors causing FSD, there are physical factors also that are believed to be a major cause of female sexual dysfunction.

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The physiological factors have been studied in detail with reference to male sexual dysfunction as compared to female sexual dysfunction. Although, cardiovascular and neurological disorders have been found to be related to male sexual dysfunction, their role in FSD has not been underlined.

Surgery, hormonal problems, diseases like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson?s, various contraceptive methods and drug abuse are known to reduce the sexual desire in women. Similarly, diabetes can also have a negative impact on one?s sexual desire.

Tumors, inflammation, ulcers, herpes, eczema etc. are responsible for the pain experienced by the female during sexual intercourse. Irregular blood supply to the clitoris leads to loss of orgasm during the sexual act. This is considered to occur mostly due a blockage in the arteries, veins or even the nerves. The cause may be physical or even psychological.

A combination of the above mentioned physical and psychological factors can be responsible for sexual dysfunction in women.

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Treatment for FSD

The psychological factors can be addressed by counseling, proper diet, enhanced physical activity and appropriate rest. Even yoga or spending quality time with oneself can be help immensely.

Treatment for physical factors would include medications which help balance the hormonal irregularities. One such treatment is Intrinsa. These are transdermal patches which contain small amounts of testosterone as its active ingredient. This goes into the blood stream and helps the female counter sexual dysfunction adequately.

A combination of physical treatment and proper counseling can work wonders in women suffering from FSD.


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