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Famous Concrete Design Trends

Welcome the new colorful concrete. A special acid dye is used to add color to the concrete either by mixing it in the concrete mixture or sprayed from the top. Any of these techniques can give you the desired color as per your choice. You can perk up your exteriors or interiors by selecting. Some of them are:

  • Metallic coating to add bling to your interiors

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If you wanted to own a floor of gold, silver or copper then this is the time to make your dream come true. With help of real metal powder or reflective pigments floor construction company can add that metal like shiny appearance to your floor.

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  • Dark concrete options

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If you are looking for the right flooring option for your backyard or pubs and clubs then glow in dark concrete solution is the right thing for you. Photoluminescent coating helps the concrete to glow in the dark. You can add effects by having special designs made all over your floor. If you want to gift your daughter something like a fairytale world, then this flooring solution can be of great help to you.


  • Mix match

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Different patterns and colors are mixed together to give you the desired mix and match effect for your patio or backyard. Not just for outdoors, this kind of floor will also look good in the interiors of the house. You can have different patterns through Stained concrete technique.

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  • Impersonation of other materials

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You always wanted to have a wooden floor but cannot have it due to environmental condition around your house, then have. With stamping technique you can make your floor to look like wooden blocked floor and to add effects have it stained with help of acid dyes.



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