Factors Which Influence The Gender Of Your Baby

“There are a 4 key natural factors which can influence the gender of your baby.

1. The general condition of the body

Certain elements within the father and mother’s body can influence whether or not you conceive a boy or a girl. These elements can be found in both the seminal fluid and in the chemotactic properties of the ovum. Certain nutrients, including specific vitamins and minerals can be taken by both parties to subtly influence the make up of the sperm and egg, thus affecting whether you conceive a girl or a boy.

2. Timing of intercourse

The timing of intercourse is thought to be crucial to influence the gender of your baby. However, before you can even consider this, you need to accurately know when you are ovulating. A few years ago it was a case of having to use unreliable thermometers and subjective methods of measuring the cervical mucus. Nowadays though, you can buy highly accurate ovulation predictor kits and once the date of your ovulation is determined, you can then time intercourse accordingly for either a boy or a girl.

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3. The environment within the vagina

The pH levels within the vagina, together with the state of the cervical mucus can influence the gender of your baby. For example, an alkaline environment favors a boy whereas an acidic environment favors a girl. There are various steps you can take to tip the balance and gentle douches are one way in which this can be achieved.

4. Diet

Generally eating more calories will predispose you to having a boy as will eating salty foods and those rich in potassium, such as bananas. Cereals are also though to push the bias towards a male. Women eating less calories and more dairy foods are said to be more likely to have girls.”


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