Everything Conceivable From Conception To Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a truly wonderful time. It is a perfectly normal physiological event, another cycle in your sexual and reproductive life. Preparing for pregnancy is a wise consideration. Experts differ, but nutrient replenishment after taking the Pill can help conception.

Although it would be nice to think that we could get all the essential nutrients from our food, unfortunately this is not the case. Calcium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid, iron, and essential fatty acids are amongst the most important, but a blend of the supplement spectrum is an important addition to ovulatory and pre-conception health care.

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Remember too that partners have a role to play! A healthy diet for both partners is fundamental and following healthy recipes will make this easier and more enjoyable. Particular attention should be given to the balance of carbohydrate, protein, good fats, as well as the acid/alkaline balance of the diet, because acidity can adversely affect sperm health. A healthy egg and healthy sperm will improve your chances of having a really healthy pregnancy and
a healthy baby and those healthy cells don?t just happen overnight!

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Ovulation can be confirmed by a take-home test and confirmation of ovulation time can enhance the chances of conception. The best time to have intercourse is in the later afternoon, as ovulation and peak sperm count most frequently occur then.

Confirming a pregnancy is easily done with a suitable pregnancy test. Don?t become dominated by these tests, but use them to confirm your suspicions. During your pregnancy, you should continue to take your supplements and maintain a healthy food intake. Exercise, stress management and avoidance of toxins continue to be important.

Pregnancy is a time of joy and happiness. You are not just ?pregnant? with new life, but pregnant with the anticipation of what that new life will mean. When you are pregnant, you should feel physically, mentally and emotionally on top of the world. The discomforts of morning sickness, stretch marks, heartburn, skin pigmentation and fluid retention are real and can be distressing, but they should be offset by the knowledge that your baby is developing and growing in an optimally healthy environment.

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Trust your instincts. Your intuition will help you discover strong maternal feelings, and regain some sort of spiritual understanding of what you do when you create life and become a parent. Involve your partner. This baby is very much the product of you both!

Affirm these attitudes every day. You can make an enormous difference to your own general health during your pregnancy. Everything positive that you do will contribute to a much more positive outcome. Make it a better outcome. The responsibility for the healthy development of your baby rests largely with you.”


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