Ending the Game of Duality – Returning to the Dance of Relationship

The Angelic Realm is asking humanity to relinquish the ‘Game of Duality’ and return to the ‘Dance of Relationship’. They have made this request as the Dance of Relationship is the optimum manner in which to shift into The New Paradigm, a paradigm of relationship and responsibility.

As defined, the Game of Duality is a game in which an object, or statement, or perception, or life style is either right or wrong, good or bad, or black and white. In the Game of Duality, there is little room for options and possibilities. Life is concise and delineated in a manner which leaves little latitude for the growth of the individual or group or culture.

In the Game of Duality, which, per the Angelic Realm, humanity has been engaged for hundreds of years; there is little room or evolution and soul development. As such, the Game has little to no value from the Angelic Perspective. For, the earth experience is intended, at least in the Angelic perspective, to be an experience of growth and evolving; of expression and learning.

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Instead, the Angelic Realm asks humanity to consider the Dance of Relationship. Living in the Dance of Relationship is about living in an understanding of your position on a topic or idea; acknowledgment of the resulting possibilities due to the position you hold; the creating wisdom supported by these possibilities; the unique perspectives and opinions created through your wisdom; as these perspectives and opinions create the preference which determine how you relate to a specific topic or idea or action or outcome. Position, possibilities, perspective and preference…these are the elements of the Dance of seen from the Angelic Realm:

“What Duality defines as comparative, Relationship defines as connected.”

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“What Duality labels as opposite, Relations characterize as balanced.”

“What Duality classifies as ‘out of sync’, Relationship expresses as expended.”

Within this shift, the Angelic Realm is recommending humanity retain an agreement on the Laws of the Universe and of human interaction. These laws, or Commandments, were they were shared centuries ago, are intended to continue to play a role in the interacting of humankind.

What the Angelic Realm is asking you and all of your fellow humans to consider is how your life might look differently if you were to embrace the Dance of Relationship; to end the Game of Duality; and to honor your own growth and evolving.

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