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Earn $60 an Hour as an Online Therapist

Earn $60 an hour as an online therapist…. Anyone who has a patient and sympathetic personality should consider this line of work purely because they are a huge asset to this. Anyone who is stuck at home due to a disability, lack of a car, not living near an office or anywhere they can go to for a job, not being able to get a job because maybe their age or lack of qualifications is against them, or looking after a baby perhaps, should seriously consider this simply because it is practical.

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I got into this line of work a long time ago because I wanted to work from home and choose my hours but it was also important to me to be my own boss. Others choose it because they want to be flexible in how and what they do day by day. Many people who do this work for others and are not their own boss but take orders – up to a point – but are still basically in charge of their lives far more than most! The great thing about working for someone else is that they have the headaches of running the business and website, advertising, taking calls or replying to queries, this can be an enormous expense both time wise and money wise.

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The way to move forward is to go to a reputable site which helps you to get sorted out to run and own your own business and/or where you can get a job working for them. Although I do not work now, other than writing a few articles when the mood takes me, there is an excellent website you can turn to which is ideal at. I know several people who would make excellent therapists but do not get into it purely because they think it is expected of them to do traditional jobs, quite silly really.

Remember too that now that we have the recession there are a lot of people who are losing their jobs or even their homes, then you have those who have become divorced or upset about something because of it all and they are the ones who desperately need to find a good therapist to talk to. There are more clients now than ever before for you.


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