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Do It Yourself Anti-Aging Skin Care – Are You Wasting Your Time?

Do It Yourself Anti-Aging Skin Care – Are You Wasting Your Time?

Have you read about this recently? Many media sources such as internet websites and magazines are urging people to try do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care products, instead of spending your money on those less than effective products that many in the cosmetics industry produce. One of the things that the use of homemade products will do is help you to avoid ingesting all of the chemicals present in a lot of the manufactured skin care formulas.

Just about 90% of the cosmetics on the market contain chemicals that have either been proven to be or are suspected of being toxic or carcinogenic. The cosmetics companies deny there is any danger posed by the substances that they use in their products, but scientific studies say otherwise. These compounds pose enough of a threat to humans that the European Union felt it wise to ban them from use in cosmetics, but other agencies have yet to follow suit.

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Most people don’t really understand just how much harm the chemical agents in cosmetics formulas can cause, but the danger to your health is very real. Consumers have experienced a variety of problems such as cancer development, hormonal imbalances, circulatory collapse, and respiratory failure that can be directly traced back to the ingredients in the skin care products they were using. There are no worries when using do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care recipes.

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The natural vegetable oils you are advised to use on your skin will produce a great amount of moisture in the skin, and these oils also provide potent doses of wrinkle reducing antioxidants. These nutrients are necessary for eliminating the free radicals in your skin that have caused your cells to oxidize. Reversing this oxidative damage plays a key role in helping you look younger.

The only real concern you have while using a do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care formula is the limited scope of what your formula will do. Infusing your skin with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids is extremely helpful to your cause, but there are other issues your formula won’t thoroughly address. These issues are the decline in collagen and elastin production, along with the degradation of your hyaluronic acid.

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Now you may have heard that certain natural substances such as avocado oil will promote the creation of fresh collagen in the skin, and this is true. The amount of tissue that such a substance will provide you with pales in comparison with what an ingredients like the protein complex and enzyme fusion Cynergy TK will give you. Cynergy TK is the most potent tissue producer available.

The use of all natural formulas featuring Cynergy TK is more effective than do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care formulas, because this compound will cause a rise in the manufacture of both collagen and elastin. These products also contain Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, which has been proven to inhibit the breakdown of your hyaluronic acid. These formulas are the answer to all of your needs.

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In conclusion, a do-it-yourself anti-aging skin care will work on your skin, but for a more dramatic change in your appearance you need something more. Visit my site to learn about more amazing natural skin care substances you have probably never heard of.


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