Difference of Short and Long Term Relationships

Difference of Short and Long Term Relationships
What could be the difference between a short term relationship and a long term relationship? Does it affect you or your friends, or even both of you and your friends? The answer to that question will going to be revealed right now on how these relationships are compared and what might be the differences which may affect the relationship of one another, and here it goes.

Short term relationships are those relationships which are meant not to last long, and it might not give you or your referred friend a good relationship at all, and possibly in the future, both of you will no longer be friends anymore. One thing that the relationship will shorten is that when you and your friend have something to suggest which one of you doesn’t agree with that kind of decision, and that might start an argument if one of you would not respect each other’s thoughts and might result to end your friendly relationship.

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Your Guide Your Styles Difference-of-Short-and-Long-Term-Relationships Difference of Short and Long Term Relationships Relationship  Difference of Short and Long Term Relationships

In terms of family, your relationship with your parents and other siblings may be shorten if you always be hard-headed person, which does not respect the decisions of the parents, or not considering the thoughts of your siblings, that might result to a short term relationship that they might be against you and will not trust you anymore.

The same thing goes to you and your teacher, that if you are always disobey and just laughing and making fun of your teacher, its one thing that both of your relationships are gone, and might attract your fellow classmates as well, if you have done something which is not normal. Short term relationships are not meant to be deserved in our life right now.

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But when it comes to long term relationships, it is a relationship where you and your friend having no problems with one another and that could result to a longer lasting relationship. If one of you are making decisions and you fully understood and respect for the best of both of you, then your friendship may be lifetime, if either of you are keep on doing this.

The same thing goes to your family, friends and relatives that if we obey, respect and consider each other, there will be no more problem regarding relationships to one another and you might be happy for it, because it will last longer if you keep on doing this, and also in school, where you, your teacher and fellow classmates are just considering and cooperate with one another, then a long term friendly relationship will be implemented for all of you and it’s a good feeling that we know how a life between a short term and a long term is differentiated, and at least we know what could be the best path for us, in order to gain relationship with one another.


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