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Daily Skin Care for your 30’s (The Natural Way)

Daily Skin Care for your 30’s (The Natural Way)

All the partying and sunbaking during your 20’s has now probably started to show on your face. So it’s now time to give your body and skin a rest and some much needed love, care and nourishment!

If you haven’t started a good daily skin care routine yet, now is the time to invest some time in getting it right! And it doesn’t need to seem like every other daily chore – think of it as investing in a long happy future with yourself! By giving yourself that little extra love and respect every day – your beautiful skin will thank you for it by looking radiant and youthful for longer…

The Basics:
Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Drink 8 glasses of water each day.

Eat balanced meals every day.

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Wear a high SPF every day (even in winter

Get at least a 30 daily walk every day.
The Perfect Skin Care Regime for your 30’s:
Whilst having your morning shower, gently cleanse your skin to wash away the dirt accumulated over night.

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Then, while still in the shower, use a gentle exfoliant (not a harsh one as they can irritate your skin) to gently remove dead skin cells and reveal a more radiant you!

If you generally use a toner, then now is the time to use it. Some people like to use toners which helps to remove any left over traces of makeup or cleanser/exfoliant. I have pretty normal to dry skin and find that toner doesn’t agree with my skin and causes it to break out. But remember that everyone’s skin is completely different, it’s just a matter of trial and error.

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Then spray your skin with a facial mist to prep it for your serum/oil. Rose hip oil is a popular choice and is fast becoming an alternative to some of the serums you find on the chemist shelves.

Make sure you have a really good moisturiser which contains SPF and you are done!
Three other things to consider are:
Use a good face mask twice a week.

Using a hand cream with SPF every day (as the backs of your hands show signs of ageing too!).

Don’t forget your neck and upper chest when using face products.
And make sure you do some research rather than just heading straight to the chemist. We have all at one point or another, got sucked in by the glamorous advertising and fancy packaging. But there are good solid natural products out there for all skin types that have some of the most beneficial ingredients. It is well known that women (and men) who use pure products having the most radiant looking skin and literally glow from the inside out!
Remember that your skin is the largest organ on your body! Look after it and it will reward you with beautiful glowing skin for a long time to come!


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