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Classy Home Decor with Persian Carpet Installation

A perfect home decor is always necessary for maintaining utmost aesthetics at home. When it comes to classy home decoration, carpets come first on the list for their rich traditional value and artistic treatment. A carpet with soft, firm and comfy cushioning and traditional stitching work is always a preferred choice for every home. You may find your home interior a gloomy place without good looking and colorful carpets. Get yourself one of these and enjoy a perfect living experience.

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There are various types of carpets available in the market. Among them Persian carpets are quite popular for their history, artistic value and cultural significance. You should choose such a carpet, which is perfect for your sleeping posture and is according to the shape of your bedroom.

The characteristics

Your Guide Your Styles article15-4-e1520296991166 Classy Home Decor with Persian Carpet Installation Interior Design  Persian rugs Persian Carpet

Carpets made and inspired by Persian culture and history are undoubtedly the most sought after home decor item of all times. They have a rich history dated back to ancient Persian culture. These type of carpets are hand woven and beautifully crafted and stitched by skilled craftsmen. Iran is the number one exporter of such carpets and the country sells more than 80% of total production to the world. Such carpets are exclusive and are a prime example of handmade craft. Therefore, you need to pay the price reasonably enough to get an authentic carpet made in Iran.

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The types

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The size of a carpet varies according to the area of a room. You must take proper measurements of the floor before you decide to buy a carpet. There are three categories of Persian carpets. They are Farsh (larger rugs), Qalicheh (small rugs), and Gelim (rough rugs). Sizes are different in all these three categories. Farsh is a type of carpet that usually comes larger than 6×4 feet. Qalicheh sized in between 6×4 feet or even smaller, whereas Gelim is known for its weaving style. It includes flat weaves and pile rugs altogether.

The wise buy

Your Guide Your Styles article15-2-1 Classy Home Decor with Persian Carpet Installation Interior Design  Persian rugs Persian Carpet

When you plan to buy a carpet for your room, you should first take a look at the variants from any online website of related trade. You can find many types of carpets with their respective price tag. Make a budget plan and go ahead with your shopping spree. You should first consider having a trial before you buy any carpet. Try to feel it by hands, look closely on its weaving work and then decide for a purchase. There are some companies which also give warranties on their products. A warranty offers you the facility of replacements and free repairs in case of any problems. You must avoid buying a cheaper one as they are of low quality.

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The services to look for

A perfect home decor idea is only possible by the warmth and comforting rugs. You should consider buying well shaped and hand woven carpets from any reputed carpet shop in your area. Do not go for the inexpensive ones as they might be a waste of money. Some carpet store offers you free maintenance warranty for a limited period. You must take this advantage as carpet cleaning is not an easy job, and it costs you a considerable amount of money. The free maintenance offer will let you get the best carpet cleaning service for free in case your carpet gets dirty or wet during the warranty period. The free repairing service is also useful. In case the carpet gets tampered without any fault on your side, the store will fix the carpet free of cost.

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