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Can Posture Bras Improve Your Posture?

Can Posture Bras Improve Your Posture?

One of the main topics that comes up among women who are experiencing chronic back pain is what items can help stop the pain. A common item that is discussed is the posture support bra. Women want to know that if by wearing one of these bras will they be able to cure their back pain and improve their posture.

The answer is not a simple one. There are a couple of different answers for this question. Will it help to improve your posture? Yes it will, however that is not the main benefit that most women are really seeking. The proper question is will it help get rid of my back pain. And the answer to that is also yes. However it is important to note that these bras are not a complete solution to back pain and posture correction. Let me explain further.

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If you are a plus-sized woman or a full-figured woman you have a unique problem that a lot of other women don’t have. Some would say it is a gift, others a curse, but most full figured women have large breasts. Having this extra weight on your chest also puts an larger amount of strain on your back, neck, and shoulder muscles. If your muscles are not conditioned for this it can cause extended back pain throughout the day.

If you want to relieve this kind of pain there are several different things that you can do. One of the most common sources of relief is to buy a posture bra. These bras are made to add additional support and lift to a woman’s breasts and take the stress off of the back and shoulders. They provide a level of support that a normal woman’s bra just does not offer.

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So can these things really improve your posture? Yes and no. Wearing a posture bra will provide additional support that you won’t find anywhere else. It will help train your muscles to sit in the proper place – shoulders back, back straight. But without maintaining a proper muscle conditioning program along with this, you will never totally improve your posture and be free of back pain.


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