Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Symptoms to Be Aware Of

“Breast cancer is a disease that is far more likely to affect women than men, though it is not completely unheard of for affecting males. Breast cancer forms in the mammary glands in the chest and is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States today. The key to beating this cancer is early detection from definitive symptoms.

One symptom that is most easily identifiable is a lump forming in the breast. Women especially should examine their breasts every day to check for these types of malignant lumps. Lumps in the breast can be both benign and malignant but whenever a new lump is detected, be sure to schedule a mammogram appointment with a doctor.

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Another sign is swelling of the breast and arm pit areas on the body. These areas swell when the lymph nodes are inflamed due to the spread of cancer cells throughout the breast tissue. This swelling can be detected easily because it is usually accompanied by a cancer lumps found in the mammary glands.

Pain in the nipple area and discharge are also symptoms of this very destructive disease. Mammary glands only produce milk during the times when a mother is nursing. If a person, man or woman sees clear or bloody discharge coming from the nipple, it is a clear sign that breast cancer is prevalent in the body.

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This is a condition where cancer cells develop in the mammary glands and is a serious illness because it can spread to other parts of the body. Symptoms of breast cancer include finding lumps in the breast, swelling of the breast and armpit areas, and clear or bloody discharge is present from the nipple. Identify these symptoms and seek out treatment to cure this cancer as quickly as possible.”


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