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Best Acne Skin Care Tips

Best Acne Skin Care Tips

Are you looking for the best method to treat your acne? There are various methods to control your acne and most of them are very simple and inexpensive skin care tips that just need some common sense.

Wash your skin gently with a mild soap. Make sure you do not clean your skin more than twice a day, which should be before sleeping and in the morning. Do no use a rough facial scrub or a strong soap, such applications will only worsen your acne problem.

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Use astringents only if you are suffering from an extremely oily skin. If astringents are recommended regularly by a dermatologist then use them only on the oily areas of your skin. It is better to wash your hair everyday if you are suffering from oily hair. Exposing the skin to sun or artificially tanning it is strictly prohibited as they do not cure the acne but merely cover it up. And such practices damage the skin if not maintained properly.

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Squeezing or popping the skin blemishes cause dark spots and permanent scarring of the skin. You must make sure not to disturb or irritate a skin blemish.Men suffering from acne should take extra care while shaving the facial hair. They may use an electric shaver or a safety razor.

When using a safety razor they must soften the facial hair with water and soap before applying a shaving cream, and may use sharp blades always.

Curing acne needs a very gentle and right skin care and being patient is a must!


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