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After the kitchen, the bedroom is the most designed room in homes everywhere. Many believe that the bedroom should be a cozy and restful place. It’s one room where bright colors are not recommended because they aren’t exactly calming. The colors best suited for bedrooms tend to be the warm and neutral colors.

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The first step in preparing your bedroom interior design plan should be to choose the fabric and the base wall color you will use. One the fabric and base color is selected you’ll be better prepared to select furniture that matches. As for wall coverings, there is really no need to allow your expenses to get to out of hand. In fact if you or someone you know is a photographer the bedroom would be a great place to cover the walls with some unique. If you don’t want to go with photographs maybe someone you know is an artist and has some paintings you might like to put in a nice frame for hanging. Either way your bedroom will have a very nice unique feel because of the uniqueness of the pictures you have hanging on the walls.

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One of very few universally accepted rules of bedroom interior design is that your bedroom flooring should never be tile, marble or granite. The most used flooring material in bedrooms is wood or carpet. You don’t want tile, marble or granite because the last thing you want in the morning is an ice cold floor. Clearly, carpet seems to be the warmest but wood is also a popular choice for bedroom flooring. You can avoid bedroom clutter by designing in extra cabinet and storage space. If you have the space the closet always a great place to put some extra storage.

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Another great bedroom interior design tip is to choose the same color and fabric for the bedcovers and curtains. Many people like to have very dark curtains to keep the morning sunlight out. An alternative to dark curtains against light colored walls would be to have two layers of lighter colored curtains instead of one dark colored curtain. If the bedroom you’re designing is small, one way to make it appear a little larger is with the use of wall mirrors.

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Lighting options for bedroom interior design include the usual light in the center of the ceiling. For additional lighting options you should include lampshades and even use pin lights to create different light patterns.

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Keep in mind that you spend a large portion of your life in the bedroom, and in the end it is your most private personal space so it should reflect this fact clearly.

It goes without saying that you should definitely invest in a good mattress and pillows to go along with the relaxing atmosphere you are creating for your bedroom.



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