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The Bare Essentials of Sagging Skin Care

The Bare Essentials of Sagging Skin Care – Time is not very kind to the bodies that we live in. Nowhere does that fact seem more evident than in the appearance of our skin as it tends to sag further and further the longer we live. Thus there are many who seek a way to learn something about sagging skin care. How to alleviate or eliminate the sagging and how to prevent more of it.

One explanation for why our skin sags as we get older is that our skin gradually loses two essential proteins that are vital components in maintaining its health and appearance. They are what is known as elastin and collagen. In fact these are the proteins that are an essential factor in keeping the skin looking firm and youthful.

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Exposure to the sun’s rays that is a bit excessive can also be a factor in the damage that the skin may suffer. On the other hand it must be pointed out that too little of the light from the sun is not good for our skin or our health in general either.

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So then it also must be said that some exposure to the sun is healthy as it helps our bodies to produce vitamin D. An aid for improving an individual’s mood and for keeping the skin in a healthier state and is known to be a protection against some cancers.

Another factor in improving the appearance of the skin is the drinking of the recommended amount of water per day. This allows the more efficient elimination of toxins from the skin. The skin will also be able to retain more moisture as well. Thus the skin will have a healthier look and feel to it.

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Exercise is also a factor in the maintaining of healthier looking skin. Muscles are toned, fat is reduced, and circulation is improved in the skin thus providing more of the needed nutrients that allow you to feel almost as healthy as you may look. This occurs even if the exercise is moderate such as a brisk thirty minute walk for about three or four times a week.

The use of fish oils is also important in the maintenance of our health which then directly affects the way our skin looks and feels. Thus moisturizing the skin through the using of these oils along with certain added antioxidants, such as lycopene and astaxanthin, is what will give the skin a softer feel and a smoother appearance.

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Thus to combat the unkindness of time many of us must learn the essentials of sagging skin care. How we feel and how we feel about ourselves will improve with the improvement in the appearance of our skin.

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