Breast Cancer

Banned in 29 Countries and Allowed by the FDA

“Many people have the mistaken belief that the United States Food and Drug Administration is always active in protecting the healthy of the citizens. This is true in many cases. Unfortunately, in many others, the FDA has caved into the wishes of the major corporations.

There Are Natural Hormones and There Are Laboratory Hormones
The research laboratories have done wonders in bringing such drugs as antibiotics to end illnesses that were once fatal. A friend of mine lost her father when she was young from something that would now be an inconvenience and cured with a pill. Penicillin, for most people, can be a literal life saver.
The laboratories can also manufacture substances that can deteriorate the health and prove life threatening.

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Cows produce a hormone called Bovine Growth Hormone. It is crucial in milk production. To increase milk production an artificial form of this hormone (rBGH) was made. Cows injected with the artificial bovine growth hormone have high levels of a substance called IGF-1 in their milk. IGF-1 in large amounts can result in higher numbers of breast, colon and prostate cancer. The risks are so great that 31 countries have banned it.

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Conflict of Interest
If this is so bad, why did the FDA approve it?
First you need to know that the producer of this artificial hormone is a major company in the US. A former lobbyist for this company was the Deputy Commissioner of Foods for the Food and Drug Administration and guided through the approval process of rBGH.

The approval of rBGH was filled with controversy. Testing that usually takes 24 months for a biochemical substance such as rBGH was done in 90 days. The decision to approve using rBGH went against the advice of a number of scientists, including some working at the FDA. Money trumped public health.

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What rBGH Does
Dr. Samuel Epstein, a medical doctor, calls rBGH “”crack for cows.”” This bovine growth hormone greatly increases milk production in cows. The more milk the more money. Unfortunately, you also get sick cows with infected udders among other health problems. In addition, this milk contains excessive amounts of a hormone called IFG-1 which is “”Insulin-like Growth Factor 1.”” IFG-1 does something that blocks your immune system’s response against early cancers.

You need to realize that you often will have cells that begin to grow abnormally. When your immune system is strong, these potential cancers are eliminated. IFG-1 doesn’t let you immune system wipe these cells out. The result is higher cancer rates of some of the most prevalent cancers, breast, colon and prostate.

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What You Can Do
Don’t drink milk or eat dairy products that come from cows injected with rBGH. If you’re in the European Union, Japan, Australia or Canada, you may have dairy products with confidence. Here is the US are safe with organic or raw milk from cows without the hormone.”


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