Breast Cancer

Are Genetics What’s Behind Cancer?

“The majority of people will tell you cancer is a thing caused by what we do to our bodies along with all of the toxic chemicals in the air we breathe and water we drink. It is likely there is a genetic link also since it seems as if a selection of families are plagued by cancer diseases throughout generations and even maybe the most fascinating part of it is the idea that it is often the case that relatives do not even end up with the same type.

Breast cancer is a biggie and most people notice that if one family member has breast cancer the likelihood is that other members of that family may also have breast cancer as well. As a matter of fact many women have now been tested to see if they have the breast cancer gene and are so petrified of getting a breast cancer diagnosis that they have what are called preventative mastectomies. This is essentially a prevented removal of the breast tissue to prevent potential problems down the road.

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It may or may not be possible to prevent cancer. Straightforwardly, it isn’t simple to resolve whether or not you can prevent cancer throughout a life span. Those who have a pre-emptive mastectomy most likely think that you’re able to do that, but, on the other hand, this is like juxtaposing the prospect of getting breast cancer and with the prospect of getting a different kind of cancer. Nobody can really settle on that because this is a solution that has only been used recently which means that there have not been abundant results recorded up till now.

In any case if doctors can find the breast cancer gene so to speak then in reality there must be a cancer gene or mutation of a gene for every single type of cancer. And then the question becomes if the problem lies in the inherent gene or is it a mutation that is occurring in that gene across certain blood lines? And if cancer can be linked to a specific gene then what is the relationship, if any to carcinogens that exist in our world? Maybe there are no carcinogens?

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Honestly, there are lots of facts to consider about when we think of whether cancer comes from DNA, the atmosphere, or more. It completely gives people new types of ideas nevertheless for the reason that if a cancer gene exists and it is acquired through reproduction then maybe poison is not the actual problem we are faced with in terms of cancer.”


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