Angels – Mihr: Angel of Friendship and Love

Angels – Mihr: Angel of Friendship and Love

What is a relationship? A relationship is a coming together, agreeing to disagree, sharing similar types of thoughts, interests, seeking acceptance. Relationships are easily and not easily maintained. There is always “work” involved whether it is with your inner Self or with someone else.

How do you nurture relationships? Nurturing is innate within every living being, man, woman and even among animals. It is about caring, being kind, compassionate, understanding, having faith and trusting all is unfolding as it is intended. There is no single path, no single way to create or be connected with you and with others. Connecting is about creating a bond, usually with common or similar interests such as quilting or hiking.

Honoring yourself is paramount when establishing, maintaining, nurturing connections with others to include you. If you do not honor your own wants, needs, desires, you have little to nothing to give to someone else.

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Mihr, the Angel of Friendship and Love is waiting to assist you on any and all levels. There are many kinds of bonds, family, friends, business associates, love relationships. In seeking another’s company, attention or energy what do you offer in return? No, it is not about what you get in return. It is about what you have to offer. In offering yourself, are you open to receiving that which you seek?

A Message from Mihr
Beloved child, what is it you seek? Do you seek solace? Do you seek love? Do you seek companionship? All these things and more are yours for the asking for the seeking; give first to you until you fulfill your own desires. Then you shall have enough to keep and to share. You shall not deplete that which you need, that which all forms of life crave, love and acceptance. Do you accept you as you are? If the answer is no, how then do you expect others to accept you? Become that which you seek to attract and you shall attract to you all you seek, all you desire.

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Are you willing to support another’s dream as if it were your own without judgment, without condemnation? That which you radiate outward, project out into the world around you, so shall you receive in kind. It is not essential to agree with another’s decisions for them. It is paramount you are able to support and at times offer guidance to assist your friend, family member or loved one along the path they have chosen for themselves.

Place yourself in the shoes of another, how well do you listen. How well do you support without judgment in total acceptance? Are you the kind of friend you wish to have in your life? Open your eyes, your heart, your ears be a better friend to you and to others. The unfolding will be pleasantly surprising!


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