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Airbrush Tanning Systems

Airbrush Tanning Systems

Airbrush Tanning is a form of sunless tanning in which tanning liquid like those containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is applied to the body using an airbrush or spray. With the increase in this method of tanning, there are now numerous airbrush tanning products and systems available on the market. Here are some of them.

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Jet Tan Airbrush Tanning Trio: This airbrush tanning system features a tanning solution, an instant tanner for the face and a barrier cream. The tanning solution includes an instant bronzer that dries in 5-10 minutes and a self-tanning ingredient that reacts with the amino acids to develop a natural tan in about 3-4 hours. The instant Tanner and Bronzer for the Face is designed specifically to instantly give the face a golden bronze look, and the Barrier Cream is to prevent over-browning/over-tanning in color-prone area. The Tanning Trio is available for $17.

Salon Airbrush System: A product from Key West Rayz, this is a commercial single-piston unit portable compressor for general airbrushing work, which is oil-less operated. It features an automatic shutoff feature that reduces noise and minimizes motor wear, a trap and filter that eliminate moisture buildup in the air hose, and operates at pressures up to 30 PSI. Other features include 0.5mm needle and nozzle combination, adjustable main lever tension, double Action main lever and counter-weighted ergonomic handle. The system costs around $400 to $500.

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Professional Airbrush Tanning System: The package includes a quiet compressor with air tank and automated on/off switch that regulates air pressure to a maximum 40 P.S.I. a high quality Badger 3000TT Tanning Brush with Maximum Flow Handle, 10FT Recoil Air Hose, Two 2oz Clear Jars with Adaptors. The tanning solution samples include Refresh and Extend Lotion and Intensity Drops. The Professional Airbrush Tanning System costs around $500.

HVLP Nuress Tanning System: This airbrush tanning kit includes a spray system, smooth body polish for soft exfoliating and mild cleansing, lotion with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, a tanning Solution with skin conditioning Aloe Vera, Barrier Balm, and instruction DVD and nose plugs and goggles. A simple twist locks the spray unit to the turbine and the hose pops off, for easy storage. The tanning system costs around $150.

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Silver Jet Home Airbrush Tanning System: This is a single-person, light-duty, entry-level compressor that features working pressure adjustable from 10-18 PSI. The tanning spray system includes a coiled air hose, Iwata Pistol-Grip Filter, pressure adjustable knob, handle, airbrush holder, pressure gauge, convenient air hose connector, dual action Revolution series bottle feed airbrush, Scentual Sun tanning solution and instruction guide. Silver Jet is available for $250.

Visage Naturel Airbrush Sunless Tanning System: This is a patented CO2 sprayer that comes with 4 CO2 cartridges and a nozzle cleaner, and a bottle of Sunless Tanning Solution, sufficient for 2 full body applications. Color last for a week and there are no streaks of splotches. The product is available for $30.

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Body Rage Sunless Tanning Airbrush System: This is a CO2 powered cordless airbrush tanning system, with disposable cartridges and so doesn?t require any batteries. The tanning solution is a fine mist that sprays on evenly hands-free with no streaks, and tan lasts up to a week or so. The product costs around $30.


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