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AdWords Optimization – “Relevancy” is the Keyword!

In order to make profit from your Google advertising campaign, AdWords optimization is an essential requirement. While there are many different Internet marketing tools available today, Google AdWords still remains the most popular and the most successful. Yet, a majority of the Internet marketers are not able to generate the kind of revenue figures that they deserve. Most of them instead end up paying more than they earn!

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Lower Cost

The operating model of Google AdWords is really very simple. You purchase “keywords” related to the specific products you sell. You need to “bid” for such keywords, and the bid value depends upon how “hot” that particular keyword is, and how relevant it is to your website content. So the first step in AdWords optimization will be to lower the bid value somehow, while retaining the rankings of your Ads.

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The high bidders tend to get higher positions for their Ads when a net surfer searches for that particular keyword on any of the search engines. This should then translate to “the highest bidder getting the first position”. While it may be true for other pay-per-click programs, Google uses a more sophisticated algorithm for ranking the Ads. You need to take advantage of this very clause in designing your AdWords optimization drive!

Don’t just go for all the “hot” keywords which seem even remotely related to your products. Instead, be as specific as possible. For example, if you are selling WordPress widgets on your site, purchasing the keyword “widgets” can prove to be a very costly affair! So think of ways in which you can be more specific. What kind of widgets do you actually sell – black themed ones, WordPress 2.0 ones, customizable ones? Ok, so you sell “black WordPress 2.0 widgets”. Use that entire phrase as the keyword in your AdWords optimization program. It will not only help you get a lower bid value, but will also improve your rank with Google, being more closely related to what you sell.

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Increase Revenue

The importance of relevancy in an AdWords optimization program cannot be stressed enough. It works in a two-fold way. First, relevant keywords help you get lower bid values and higher rankings. And second, they help direct only the most targeted traffic your way!

We need to remember that we have to pay for every click we get on our AdWords. But it is not necessary that all those clicks convert into sales. If the keywords selected are highly generic in nature, or not really relevant to our products, they will just result in unnecessary clicks, which won’t actually generate any revenue for us, but will drain the money out of our account never-the-less! This is perhaps the most important consideration in AdWords optimization.

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