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4 Months Pregnant And How to Break The News

“aBeing pregnant at an advanced stage is more than joyful, and the more advanced the pregnancy gets, the smaller the chances are of things going wrong.

What to expect when having a 4 months pregnancy?
When you are 14 weeks pregnant, the little one is almost of 5 inches and he or she starts to practice urinating and breathing. Amniotic fluid is the most important in this stage, because the little one urinates in it, and he or she also breaths it. At the moment the experts aren’t sure what it is made of.

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There are many hormonal changes that the mother goes through, and in many cases these appear on the skin. You could have a linea negra, which is a dark line on the skin of your belly. One of the cutest things to think about when you are 15 weeks pregnant is that the little one might get used to sucking his or her thumb.

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At this time the baby’s skin is still quite thin, and the blood vessels are visible under the skin. The hair pattern of the skin is developing in this stage. The heart of the mother has to work more to offer the blood supply of the baby as well. At this point you could not fit into your old clothes.

Second part of 4 months pregnancy
When you are 16 weeks pregnant the nails of the baby are formed, and in some cases it is possible that you will have to trim the nails after birth. Also this is the moment when the ears move from the neck to the head. At this time it is possible to tell the gender of the baby, but in many cases it might be still too early. This is the moment when you can actually feel the baby move. Nonetheless in case you are pregnant for the first time, you may not recognize these movements.

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In order to be able to maintain their body temperature after getting born, when you are 17 weeks pregnant the little one develops the brown fact deposits under the skin. Now the baby is heavier than the placenta and the loud noises make the little one to get startled. In this period it is possible for the secretions to increase all over the body, including heavier sweating more vaginal discharge, nasal congestion and so on. There is nothing to be worried about.”


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