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15 Benefits of Argan Oil for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Argan Oil for Health and Beauty

15 Benefits of Argan Oil for Health and Beauty – Argan oil comes from the argan tree which is commonly found in Morocco. Argan trees can provide oxygen for dry air in Africa. Therefore, the argan tree is protected by the African government but the seeds are allowed to be harvested by the surrounding community.

To get argan oil, Moroccans usually hang argan fruit first and then peel the fruit. Argan flesh is not thrown away, they use it for animal feed. After being dried, the extract is taken from the argan seeds by pressing or mashing the argan seeds to produce argan oil.

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In Morocco, people usually eat breakfast by dipping bread into argan oil. Apart from being consumed, argan oil also has many other benefits, here are 15 benefits of argan oil for health and beauty:

  1. Eliminate cracks in the legs

Around the soles of the feet are members of the body most likely to experience dryness. Dryness in the soles of the feet can cause the feet to be rough, cracked and painful. For more severe cases of dryness, it can cause the injured foot to bleed. Regularly applying argan oil to your feet and covering it with socks before going to bed can help reduce cracks in your feet.

  1. Prevent infection

Open wounds make bad bacteria easy to enter and cause infection. If left unchecked, an infected wound can cause decay in the part of the wound. If it’s rotten, the injured limb must be amputated so it doesn’t spread. Argan oil can fight bad bacteria that try to spread in the body. Rubbing argan oil into the wound can prevent infection.

  1. Substitute shaving cream

Argan oil can also be used instead of shaving cream. Shaving creams on the market are often not suitable for all skin types and the price is relatively expensive, in contrast to argan oil. Argan oil can be used for various skin types. Argan oil can also make it easier for you to shave compared to shaving cream. Wounds caused by a razor blade can be reduced by the use of argan oil.

  1. Repair damaged hair
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In addition, to dry and cracked feet, argan oil also serves to repair damage to the hair. Argan oil can be used as a conditioner for hair which functions to moisturize branched and dry hair. Apply directly to your hair, let stand 3-5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly to get hair with a soft texture.

  1. As an anti-dandruff

In addition to repairing dry and branched hair, argan oil also functions as an anti-dandruff. If you have problems with dandruff in your hair, you can apply argan oil to your hair. Massage argan oil onto the skin of your head after shampooing. Do it 2 to 3 times a week, then dandruff will decrease and disappear from the skin of your head.

  1. Reduces hair loss

Another benefit of argan oil is that it can reduce hair loss. Apply argan oil to your scalp then cover using hair cap every night before going to bed. Wash your hair the next morning. Nutrients contained in argan oil can help your hair growth. Not only that, your hair will grow strong and shiny.

  1. Tighten the skin

Decreasing collagen and weakening the muscles of the face can cause fine wrinkles on the skin. Many cosmetic products that function disguise wrinkles on the face but the price is very expensive and makes dependence. Argan oil can increase the formation of collagen in your facial skin, not only disguise wrinkles on the face but can remove and re-paint your face.

  1. Treat acne

Excessive oil production on the face can cause acne on your face. There are many acne products on the market, but if they don’t match instead of being cured, even acne on your face will increase. Argan oil helps to regulate the production of oil in your face so that it stops pimples caused. Argan oil can also produce bacteria that serves to shrink pores on the face. Not only that, acne scars can be removed by applying argan oil regularly.

  1. Moisturize the skin
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Argan oil can be used as a natural skin moisturizer because argan oil is very easy to absorb the skin. Argan oil can also be used around the eyes. Your dry skin can be more flexible and soft. With argan oil, you no longer need to use lotions that contain lots of chemicals.

  1. Eliminate stretch marks

Stretch marks are usually experienced by postpartum women. Collagen contained in argan oil can help make your skin more elastic and reduce it and even eliminate stretch marks around your stomach. You only need to apply argan oil to parts of the body that experience stretch marks regularly for maximum results.

  1. Moisturizes the lips

Argan oil is also useful for moisturizing dry and cracked lips. Dry lips usually occur because of the use of lipstick that does not suitable to your skin and the habit of often holding and peeling dead skin on the lips. You can apply argan oil directly to the lips and do it regularly. You can add sugar to argan oil as a scrub to remove dead skin on your lips.

  1. Heal Wounds

Argan oil also contains vitamin E which functions to form new cells. This can speed up the healing process in certain wounds. The healing process carried out by argan oil can be faster than using chemical drugs commonly used for wounds. In addition, argan oil can also prevent scars caused. You only need to apply argan oil to the wound regularly.

  1. Cure skin diseases
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If you have a skin disease, argan oil can also speed up the process of healing the damage and disease that your skin is experiencing. By applying directly to the body parts affected by skin diseases on a regular basis the disease will heal without leaving a scar. The cost that you spend to buy argan oil will be cheaper than the cost of treatment at a dermatologist.

  1. Make nails look more radiant

Using nail polish too often will make your nails dry and brittle. This causes the nails to break more easily. Argan oil can also be applied to the nails. By applying it regularly, your nails will be more shiny and healthy. You don’t need to worry about easily broken nails every time you use nail polish.

  1. Source of Omega 3 and antioxidants

Omega 3 and antioxidants contained in argan oil can function to inhibit premature aging and smooth wrinkles and other signs of aging. Besides being younger, your skin will look shinier. Especially when you have to move on the streets that are full of pollution.


Those are 15 benefits of argan oil for the health and beauty of your body. There are many benefits that you can get from this natural oil. You only need to provide one or two bottles in your house and start saying goodbye to 15 problems that your body might experience.


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