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10 Tips for Consuming Apple Vinegar for the Diet

10 Tips for Consuming Apple Vinegar for the Diet

10 Tips for Consuming Apple Vinegar for the Diet – Have you ever heard about the efficacy of vinegar for diet? A few years ago, these diet tips were so popular and many advertisements and news that aired the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Apple vinegar is a liquid fermented apple cider which is processed by breaking down natural sugars in apples with a type of yeast or bacteria. In the fermentation process, sugar in apples will turn into alcohol and vinegar is created.

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Apple vinegar is claimed to have many health benefits including losing weight. How to use apple vinegar for diet?

Check out the tips and steps below:

1. Buy Pure Apple Vinegar that hasn’t been filtered

Most apple cider vinegar sold in bottled containers is apple cider vinegar that has been filtered and pasteurized so that the properties and properties given to the body will not have maximum effect.

Therefore, try to buy pure apple cider vinegar that has not been filtered because uncooked apple vinegar contains a lot of fermented residual sediment which has the effect of binding fat and starch in the body to help the fat burning process faster.

2. Consumption of Apple Vinegar with Fruit Juice Mixes

Consuming apple cider vinegar is not recommended directly, but is better mixed with other ingredients such as fruit juice. You can use fruit juices to your likings such as orange juice, tomato juice or grape juice.

However, avoid fruit juices that contain lots of sugar such as watermelon juice or melon juice. Choose fruit juices that are rich in vitamin C to dissolve well with apple vinegar.

Pour 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar into a glass and dissolve with juice for cucumber.

The benefit of drinking apple cider vinegar with juice is activating acetic acid which will stimulate the formation of fat-burning proteins.

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3. Consumption of Apple Vinegar with Salad Sauce

Not only can it be mixed with juice, but apple vinegar is also very well mixed in your salad sauce. You can mix 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar with salad dressing, try not to use oil in making the salad dressing.

For more optimal results, make your salad dressing from a mixture of lemon juice, chopped parsley, and chop finely garlic.

Consuming salad sauce consisting of these ingredients with apple cider vinegar will reduce the glycemic index in the body which greatly contributes to your weight loss.

4. Consumption of Apple Vinegar with Other Bread or Carbohydrates

A study from the Daily Journal in 2005 reported that people who consume apple cider along with bread or other carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, potatoes or quinoa can effectively maintain a full feeling for longer.

This is caused by starch in the food source of carbohydrates that will be digested by the body longer so that the feeling of fullness will automatically last longer too. Instead, consume apple vinegar with carbohydrate sources derived from wheat and tubers to maximize the function of starch digestion as a good source of calories for the body.

5. Drink Apple Vinegar at Night Before Sleeping

Apple vinegar can reduce high glucose levels in the blood as one of the causes of obesity, coronary heart disease, and diabetes thanks to the high content of magnesium and calcium in it.

The results of research from Arizona State University concluded that apple cider will react more effectively to the body when sleeping at night.

Drink apple vinegar mixed with warm water or honey water before going to bed regularly to help the process of burning fat more optimally.

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6. Consumption of Apple Vinegar with Lime 1 Hour Before Eating

A mixture of apple and lime vinegar consumed with a certain lag before eating can reduce the increase in insulin and glucose in the blood.

The content of vitamin A, C, and beta-carotene synthesized in these solutions will effectively work to reduce high glucose levels in the blood causing obesity problems.

The habit of consuming apple and lime vinegar before eating at least 1 time a day is very good for your diet program.

7. Avoid Consuming Apple Vinegar Directly

Apple vinegar is not recommended to drink directly without being mixed with other ingredients or solutions.

This is because the acid content that is high enough in apple vinegar can cause the mouth and throat to feel bitter and painful when swallowing it.

For those of you who have problems with sensitive teeth, consuming apple cider vinegar directly can also hurt your teeth so that you feel aches and pains.

Preferably, consumption of apple vinegar must be accompanied by other ingredients or solutions.

8. Avoid the consumption of apple vinegar with additional artificial sugar

Natural apple vinegar contains a lot of organic acids which function as enhancing the body’s metabolic functions and reducing glucose levels during the process of breaking down carbohydrates.

If you drink a solution of apple cider vinegar along with added sugar or artificial sweeteners, of course, the organic acid in it will be damaged and consequently the benefits of apple cider vinegar for the metabolic process will disappear Eat only apple cider vinegar with a solution of plain water and do not add another artificial sweetener mixture.

9. Mix Apple Vinegar in a Snack to Minimize Addiction

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Sometimes, even if you are on a diet and maintaining a diet, you still cannot help eating certain snacks.

This is good because a healthy diet is a diet that does not torment your body and mind. You may eat a piece of chocolate or a sliver of favorite potato chips while on a diet, but to reduce the feeling of confusion and addiction, mix or sprinkle your snacks with apple vinegar.

Fiber-rich apple cider vinegar will help the digestion process better and does not cause fat deposits in the stomach.

10. Stop Consuming Apple Vinegar When Stomach Pain Occurs

Acetic acid, minerals, and potassium in the content of apple vinegar can react differently to each person, but in people who have a history of high stomach acid or ulcer pain can result in periodic pain and pain.

Preferably, consult a health professional or doctor first before deciding to consume apple vinegar for the diet if you have a history of high stomach acid.

Thus reviews of tips on consuming apple cider for your diet properly. Don’t forget to always stick to a healthy and pleasant diet. Use apple vinegar as part of your daily menu to get optimal diet results.

Be healthy and you will be happy!


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