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WOW 10 Benefits & Side Effects of Milk Bath

10 Benefits & Side Effects of Milk Bath

Milk, we usually consume by drinking it as an additional energy source for the body besides the basic food we eat. But apparently, milk can be used as a liquid for bathing. We usually know this term with the name Milk Bath. Milk that is commonly used is pure milk that has not been added to sugar so that its properties are still natural because it has not been mixed with other ingredients. In addition to scents & benefits, milk baths are usually accompanied by lemon, roses, lavender, and other ingredients that have many benefits of beauty.

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10 Benefits Side Effects of Milk Bath

Here are some 10 benefits why we should try Milk Bath:

  1. Make Skin Smooth & Clean

The lactic acid content in milk can help the skin become more smooth and moist. In addition to lactic acid, the protein content that exists also has healthful properties and cleanses the skin from dirt that sticks to the body all day. The skin will easily regenerate and produce new skin tissues.

  1. Brighten Skin Color

Consistency in doing milk baths can be proven from the results obtained. With the use of 2 weeks, consistently, you are guaranteed to get a brighter and brighter skin tone than before. The recommended duration is 20-30 minutes soaking, and don’t forget to do it every afternoon!

  1. Cell Regeneration & Prevent Early Aging

One ingredient in milk that has a significant function is Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA). AHA has the ability to lift dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. AHA will be helped by Protein, making your skin more healthy and supple. These two compounds can increase regeneration ability so that it is good for the formation of new skin cells and minimizes skin wrinkles. Skin cells that are already dead should be removed and replaced with new ones, and the content in milk will help speed up the process.

  1. Spread Skin & Muscles
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Many studies have been carried out regarding the benefits of milk. Some of them agree that milk is believed to be able to make muscles become elastic and make us feel comfortable and happy when and after doing a milk bath. Coupled with the warm temperature of boiled water, soaking in a warm milk pool can relieve aches with an instant. Muscles feel loose, and the whole day’s workload seems lost in the warm comfort of the soaking milk pool.

  1. Eliminating stress

Work accumulates all day, deadlines everywhere, unfavorable environment, or other problems outside the home sometimes get carried away even after we go home. The house should be a place to rest and unwind. To help you relieve stress, try milk bathing. A mixture of other ingredients such as almond oil, flowers, fresh-scented fruits, etc. can help increase the effects of relaxation when you soak in milk.

  1. Promotes Blood Flow

Milk is believed to be able to make the channel in our body smooth and the damaged one returns well. Milk coupled with the stew of warm nail water, will make the milk bath feel more soothing and make you relax throughout the night even after finishing bathing. Aches disappear, blood flow returns smoothly.

  1. Improve the Immune System
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The benefits of other milk baths are in their ability to boost the immune system. The antioxidant content in milk is believed to be able to help you avoid unwanted diseases. This can be accompanied by drinking milk too so that maximum care is done from inside and outside.

  1. Overcoming Insomnia

Another fact of bathing milk is that bathing milk before bed is considered capable of overcoming insomnia. Because when bathing in warm water, the temperature of the water will respond to the body with the widening of blood vessels so that the blood flowing will be more smoothly. The body feels light and super relax, over time it will make the body feel tired. Fatigue will be processed by the body as a signal to rest & you are guaranteed to fall asleep afterward!

  1. Overcoming Acne

Acne is not only found on the face but often other parts of the body such as the back of the back and arms are where the zits grow. His presence is very disturbing because it usually causes itching and pain, and we also tend to feel “dirty” with his presence. Soaking in a pool of milk while washing your face with it can help zits to dry out and disappear from your body. As long as you are diligent, shower the milk!

  1. Good for Irritant & Sensitive Skin Care
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Too much sun under the sun, on the edge of the beach, and not using enough lotion sunscreen often causes the skin to turn red and sore. The skin becomes dry and sensitive. This can be overcome by bathing milk, which is considered able to reduce skin sensitivity & normalize it again. Actually enough with a bathtub, milk, and a mixture of water, we can enjoy the comfort and benefits of bathing milk. However, many people complain of the fishy odor caused by milk liquid.

Therefore, we recommend that you add natural wines like lemon water, rose water, lime, rose, lavender to disguise the odor produced. Even better if you spend more money to buy organic milk bath powder that is sold in the market with minimal odor. With 30 minutes of milk bathing regularly, it is guaranteed to make your body relax and skin shinier. Good luck!


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