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5 Clever Ways To Throw A Cheaper, Greener Wedding

Some girls spend a lot of time daydreaming about what their wedding will look like.

When it finally comes time to plan the event, they’ve already got ideas about dresses, colors, music and food.

I was not one of those girls. I had other things on my mind, like graduate school, buying a house, and paying off credit card debt.

So when my longtime boyfriend and I finally decided to make it official, I was a little overwhelmed.

Having spent the better part of the last year planning this shingdig, I now know a) why people hire wedding coordinators and b) how hard it can be to plan an event this size that doesn’t create a ton of waste. 

5 Clever Ways To Throw A Cheaper, Greener Wedding

When you’re putting a wedding together on your own, going out of your way to do extremely “green” things can be costly. What I learned is that it’s also about looking for the subtle opportunities to keep impact to a minimum. Often it’s just a matter of choosing a slightly less traditional option over the expected.

Are you planning a wedding, or do you work with soon-to-be-married couples that are interested in reducing their wedding’s environmental footprint? Read on for some of the easiest ways to make the event a little greener.

1. Electronic Save-The-Dates

Save-the-dates are a great way to let friends and family know “We got engaged! Keep your calendar open.” They’re especially necessary if lots of your loved ones will have to travel for the wedding. The downside is, save-the-dates are costly to print, require you to purchase stamps, find current addresses, and then you spend the next week hoping they don’t get damaged as they wing their way through the snail mail system.

Electronic save-the-dates are a smarter, cheaper, more modern solution. Using any number of free services available on the internet, you can send cute notifications of your upcoming nuptials at the touch of a button. Even better, the responses (if any) will be saved neatly online where you can access them at any time!

2. Buy Alcohol In Bulk

And I don’t just mean buy a lot of it. If you’ll be providing libations for your guests, caterers will try to force you to choose bottles and cans of beer. These units are simply more convenient for bartenders to handle, but choosing keg beer is actually a smarter choice. Not only will you pay less per serving, there won’t be 9,534 bottles and cans to recycle or (even worse) throw away.


If you DO opt for kegs, it presents yet another money-saving, waste-cutting opportunity. Instead of using disposable cups or shelling out hundreds of dollars to rent pint glasses, instruct your guests to “Bring Your Own Cup.” This eliminates waste and the problem of forgetting which beer is yours in one fell swoop. You can even have a contest for most creative cup! And obviously this idea works with wine and non-alcoholic beverages as well.

4. Choose An All-In-One Venue

Tradition dictates that the wedding happens in one place (usually a church) and the reception happens in another. With non-traditional ceremony venues becoming the new norm, however, there’s an opportunity to eliminate this wasteful step. We chose a beautiful farm at which the reception area is just steps away from where the ceremony will take place. This eliminates the need for guests to drive between venues, reducing carbon pollution, traffic, and the possibility that Uncle Herbert will get lost while trying to get to dinner.

5. Choose A Naturally Beautiful Venue

You’ve got to go where you budget allows, but if you’re looking for ways to cut waste and save money, choosing a beautiful venue can be worth the extra up-front cost. Here’s why: a place that’s naturally beautiful –think art gallery, botanical garden, working farm, or a historical home– doesn’t need to be decorated. You can skip the flowers, bunting and pricey centerpieces and just let guests soak up the beauty of the existing landscape.

Greening up your wedding and saving money doesn’t have to be stressful! Share your tips for throwing a low-impact in a comment.

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