This is ONLY way to make online dating successful

This is ONLY way to make online dating successful

Your Guide Your Styles how-to-make-online-dating-successful-1024x352 This is ONLY way to make online dating successful
how to make online dating successful

Tips to online dating are searched for every day by thousands of people entering this quite new field because they quickly end up overwhelmed, under prepared and confused by the entire process and end up giving up or hopefully finding the way to leverage these great relationship building sites to their advantage! So if you want to find your perfect match in the virtual dating arena you need to have the foundations perfect and understand exactly how these sites work and how people use them to find love and happiness that can end in intimate encounters or great long term relationships and marriage.

1. Write a Great Profile
This is absolutely essential to finding someone who you will connect with intimately because in this fast paced environment where people can browse hundreds of profiles a day yours must stand out!

A quick checklist:

  • Makes your profile unique, it has to be about you in depth because everyone likes to go out, hang out with friends and laugh. What makes you different and unique and interesting?
  • Go into detail! Do not just say you like to do gardening for instance, say what you like to grow and what you like about it. People are looking for something that they can find interesting or similar so don?t be shy.
  • Do not lie or embellish! If you are going to meet your potential dates, lovers and maybe suitable people for long term relationships starting out with a lie is obviously a bad thing
  • Do all of this but make your style quick and to the point, you need to fit a lot of information in an easy reading style without going on for too long as people who see too much text may just keep browsing.
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Your Guide Your Styles how-to-make-online-dating-profile-standout-1024x535 This is ONLY way to make online dating successful
how to make online dating profile standout

2. Have a Good Profile Picture
Some respected online dating sites have statistics that say having a profile picture increases your chances of getting replies and people initiating contact by more than 50%! If you are nervous about posting a picture of yourself please resist the temptation to post a picture of a much younger version of yourself or one where you might have been a lot thinner as again starting off a relationship with deception does not help! Find a good current picture of yourself and if you do not have one consider getting a professional to take a flattering one of yourself, you need to show all your good points but be honest about it.

3. Do not be Shy!
At first you may not know what to do but the best way to get started is to plunge right in! Do not be shy, start browsing profiles and searching. Send emails to many people who look interesting as this does not immediately mean an appointment for a date it is just an introduction to see if there is interest and you may even gain a friend if not a lover.

4. Do not fear Rejection
This tip to online dating is one of the most valuable to those that might be trying virtual dating because they find dating in bars and clubs intimidating (which it is!). It can hurt when you do not get a reply from that girl or guy you felt you matched so well or they replied with a ?thanks but no thanks?. You have to remember though that online dating is like speed flirting, lots and lots of chances with everyone looking not just for a maybe but for a perfect match in their own mind which you can not know all the time. You in turn will do the same to many other people but remember it is not personal, it is just the way things are in the fast paced online dating game. You suffer no social repercussions from this and you may even gain online friends if not significant others.

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Your Guide Your Styles how-to-make-online-dating-safe-1024x512 This is ONLY way to make online dating successful
how to make online dating safe

5. Be Picky!
As you become accustomed to the way things operate online you will realize that you have control of your dating here. You can find a dozen dates a week or you might settle for only a few that matches very well depending on your specifications. You do not need to feel compelled to take up offers, pick and choose only the best so you maintain control of your dating life!

6. Flirt!
Play the game! Use the online ?kisses? or ?winks? that many sites use to show interest, be a bit naughty! Have Fun! There are very few social ramifications to this sort of dating so feel free to be yourself and be a little bit wild because wallflowers get ignored and guys and girls are both attracted to confident people!

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7. Use the Tools of the Site
Take advantage of some of the great tools these sites have to offer including blogs, video chat, chat rooms, VOIP and more. Each level of contact you make reveals a bit more of a potential date so find out what they are all about and get involved!

8. Use a GOOD Dating site
This is the biggie! There are many dating sites out there and quite frankly it can be confusing as to which ones you want to sign up for. Most of the big sites offer a range of options including sexual orientation, racial and religious specific sub sites for better matches. Some are also more focused on fun while others have a more long term relationship focus. The pay sites are also the best funded and have members who are serious about the entire process unlike free sites who have a lot of browsers and uncommitted members who may just waste your time or even worse be predators or scam artists.

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