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Sleep during pregnancy and the best position

The parents will indeed have difficulty when going to sleep during pregnancy. This should consider very reasonable because there is a change from the mother’s body. Even during the first trimester there are various conditions that make it difficult to sleep for a long time. Usually this condition occurs because there is a placenta that has just formed. The heart will also pump blood faster to all parts of the body. Difficulties like this will indeed affect health conditions to psychology. However, you also have to pay attention to some things that might make all parts of the body become normal. There are several conditions that must consider sleeping.

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Symptoms of difficulties during sleep during pregnancy

Actually the reasons for the difficulty of sleep during pregnancy occur because of changes in fetal size. The larger the size of the fetus will certainly make sleeping more difficult. Some conditions will also make you have difficulty breathing. Some body parts such as the waist, neck and stomach will also be in pain. This condition makes you have to do a number of additional habits that make sleeping easier for the better. Moreover, the bed used will also have a major influence on comfort to health for the fetus. You should also consider the various symptoms that cause you to experience difficulty sleeping. Symptoms like this considered to facilitate the ideal sleep pattern. There are several symptoms of difficulties during sleep during pregnancy that must known, such as:

  1. Excessive shortness of breath

These symptoms often occur during sleep during pregnancy. There are many pregnant women who have difficulty breathing for quite a long time. Especially if the fetus grows more and more, of course it will have an influence on the breathing process. Usually this fetal change will make the diaphragm experience greater pressure. This condition makes many women have trouble sleeping.

  1. Heartburn or stomach ache

Usually the pregnancy will also have an influence on the digestive process. Moreover, the digestive process that occurs tends to be slower. In fact, there are also pregnant women who experience pain in the stomach. This happens because there is food left over from the intestine to the mouth. Moreover, the larger size of the fetus will also be a bigger problem too.

  1. Frequent urination

Other symptoms that will experience by pregnant women will of course experience urination. This happens because the kidneys perform more severe performance. The liquid in the body will processed very quickly through the kidneys. This condition makes you feel thirsty for a long time.

  1. Heart rate that is too fast

An increase in heart rate is also a symptom that makes it difficult for you to sleep. This condition often occurs because blood will pumped more into the fetus. This makes your heart have a faster beat.

  1. Stress for a very long time

Excessive pain will indeed have a negative impact on psychology. In fact, this condition will also make it easier for you to experience stress. Very bad stress conditions will make it difficult for you to sleep for a very long time. Moreover, this condition is also included with unstable body health.

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Find the best position in sleep during pregnancy

Some doctors do suggest applying the ideal position in sleep during pregnancy. Each of these positions will also adjust to the health condition of the fetus. In addition, the size of the fetus will affect you to get comfort in certain positions. All suggested positions will indeed affected by your health condition too. However, the best position needed considered to eliminate various aches and pains during sleep for quite a long time. Here are some options for sleeping positions that might try very easily, such as:

  1. Lie on your side

One of the best positions that can apply in sleep during pregnancy is to lie on your side. Position like this often done for the size of the fetus that is not too large. Also note the ideal slope size according to your comfort. You can make tilt changes using the help of a pillow.

  1. Sleep with the left

Recommendations from other sleeping positions can try with the left. Some doctor reveal that this position deliberately done because the liver is located on the right side of the abdomen. This position will help you to avoid excessive pressure on the heart.

  1. Sleep on your back with a pillow under your stomach

To provide comfort while sleeping, try using a pillow that placed at the bottom of the stomach. This method will indeed make you avoid back pain and according to the size of the fetus. The greater the size of the fetus, then you should apply a sleeping position like this.

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Tips to sleep during pregnancy

You have many opportunities to get quality sleep in a better time. Moreover, sleep will also be an important requirement to make fetal growth better. The health conditions that you need will indeed influenced by several other important elements. Usually this kind of influence can also apply taking into account several ways. Some doctors often give advice on doing some healthy living ways to get very good sleep. Maybe you can consider the Tips to sleep during pregnancy which consists of:

  1. Reduce soda

Tips to sleep during pregnancy like this do have to done. Soda has a very high amount of caffeine. If you consume soda, you will experience difficulties for a long time. Soda also has a pretty bad impact on the development of your fetus.

  1. Avoid eating and drinking before going to bed

Try to avoid eating and drinking before going to bed. This should also do to avoid excessive nausea. You must remember that during pregnancy the digestive process will tend to be slower. Food and drinks before going to bed will actually make you more easily upset by the stomach.

  1. Take a Yoga class

Another recommendation for tips to sleep during pregnancy is to take a Yoga class. Classes like this will reduce stress to pain. Moreover, Yoga also considered making it easier for you to maximize the breathing process when the size of the fetus is getting bigger. This Yoga class will indeed provide a very good influence on fetal development.

  1. Get used to sleeping and waking up at the same time

This method indeed very often to done. This will also make you more disciplined to avoid various pains. Calculate the ideal time to sleep and wake up at the same time.


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