Roadmap to Healthy Relationship With Your Man

Keeping, maintaining, and growing healthy relationships can be likened to raising a baby. It can be very challenging (even tricky), but the rewards are worth it. So, how do you keep your current relationship healthy? Here are some things to think about:

Roadmap to Healthy Relationship With Your Man

Faith – Do you have complete faith in your partner and in your relationship? Sure, jealousy may kick in once in a while, but this is but normal and even healthy. The key is to never fall into a controlling pattern. If your partner trusts you, he or she should be perfectly okay with seeing you interact with the opposite sex. A dose of ‘cute’ jealousy is normal, but possessiveness is not.

Honesty – Trust makes a partnership last. If you want an honest-to-God healthy relationship, never lie to your partner. Don’t make excuses or label some of your lies ‘minor’ to justify them. A lie is a lie – and even little ones add up.

Respect – This goes hand-in-hand with acceptance. Respect each other’s true character. Don’t try to change your partner. Understand your boundaries. All these go a long way in building lasting, and healthy relationships.

Roadmap to Healthy Relationship With Your Man

Equality – You know that give and take advice? It really works; try it. If you always decide on which places to visit, what restaurant to go to, or what activities to do together, it’s time to step back and let your partner choose, for a change. Balance out the control. Remember: There’s two of you in the relationship. Putting all of the control on only one side will only cause the entire relationship to topple over.

Individuality – If your partner wants time for himself/herself, by all means, let him/her have it. You probably want time alone (or a night out with your friends) once in a while, don’t you? Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you should top being who you truly are. Spending time away from each other helps both of you keep your identities. You can’t lose yourself in the shadow of the relationship.

Support – Be there for your partner through thick and thin, in sickness and in health. Don’t bail out at the slightest setback. Work your way through anything together.

Communication – Healthy communication is always an important aspect of any relationship, and it should never be the last resort. If something bothers you, let your partner know.