How To Create A Brighter Bathroom

The bath area being a frequented area of your house, you often rack your brains about how to create brighter bathroom well within your means. Undoubtedly, proper lighting is a great way to give your bathroom a new, bright look you may be longing for!

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For the lighting effect to be at brightest best, try going in for a layered lighting scheme. The layers of lighting could be ambient, task, or accent lighting, for the results you desire.


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Ambient lighting describes the total amount of light that is present in a space. It can be at a high or low level, depending on the mood you want in the bathroom. You can create ambient lighting by placing surface mounted fixtures at the ceiling.

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While task lighting, which is the lighting necessary to carry out specific activities, is higher in intensity than other types of lighting, accent lighting is the type of lighting that draws attention either to itself or to a specific object.


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You can light up your bathroom with ceiling, vanity or decorative lighting fixtures. A perfect combination of different bathroom lighting fixtures can be – ambient or general lighting, task lighting for specific purposes, and recessed lighting for relaxation.

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Depending on your bathroom space, you can use your creativity with your bathroom lighting design for a brighter bathroom. Feel free to have more than one type of lighting, particularly if you have a big bathroom. Moreover, you can mix wall sconces with a ceiling fixture or group of pendant lights, if you have a high ceiling in the bathroom.

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In fact, how to create a brighter bathroom depends largely on how well you can use the different lighting options available, for accentuating the overall appearance of the bathroom!


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