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Does sex make you fat?

The thought that an excellent workout inside bed could pile on the kilos in place of help to shed them seems bizarre, and yet this is precisely what a group of scientists are now proposing.

Writting this month inside Medical Hypotheses, the researchers argue that the hormone prolactin may well be accountable.

Prolactin stimulates milk production and fatherly love. Blood levels of the hormone upward thrust after sex, specifically following orgasm for the duration of intercourse. Increased prolactin has inside turn been linked to weight gain in several species, along with humans who suffer from hyperprolactinaemia (chronically high prolactin levels). And expectant dads are also thought to get chubbier thanks to an increase in prolactin.

Putting these observations together, Ritesh Menezes from the division of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at Kasturba Medical college within Mangalore, India, and colleagues suggest "that increased sexual intercourse might probably be a causative factor while in gaining body weight".

I could not reach Menezes to search out out what inspired their idea: voluptuous nymphomaniacs, pot-bellied lechers? But Stuart Brody at the University of the West of Scotland, discoverer of the post-coital prolactin surge, thinks they're barking up the incorrect tree.

"there's a relationship between frequency of penile-vaginal intercourse and slimness within humans, but within the wrong way," he says.

Brody in the past found that of a hundred and twenty healthful guys and ladies, folks that had sex customarily were slimmer than people that did not. He argues that it is inappropriate to check a medical condition like hyperprolactinaemia with a traditional brief-term hormonal surge.

"As an analogy, once you exercise, your heart rate increases to might be, say, one hundred forty bpm. Just right. In the event that your resting heart rate is one hundred forty bpm, that's not likely to be a good thing. Also, speaking of exercise, don't forget the exercise value of, particularly, penile-vaginal intercourse."

So, is sex a superb process to reduce weight, in any case, as some have claimed? Or could it still be that in case you just do it ordinarily sufficient, prolactin levels stay so high that the scales are, so to talk, tipped within favour of weight gain? Personally, I imagine that having sex this frequently would either burn calories far in excess of any extra weight that probably put on - or leave no time to consume much inside the primary place.


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