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Great Ways to Make Money From Home With Photoshop

Who really takes “conventional” pictures anymore? The photo world has gone digital and most of us have followed suit. Adobe Photoshop has actually been around for years but as more people have begun relying on digital rather than printed images its use has exploded.

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A growing number of people are also using Photoshop to make money from home. The software is not cheap (unless you get lucky on eBay) and the actual learning curve is quite steep. But if you are a creative soul by nature and have a knack for picking up computer programs there are a number of ways you can get a great return on your investment. Here are just some of them:

Your Guide Your Styles article63-2-e1524740932455 Great Ways to Make Money From Home With Photoshop Business Ideas  Photoshop make money with photoshop income ideas home business income ideas home business ideas

Start a Photo Editing Business – Put in the most basic terms you take clients flawed image and turn it into a digital masterpiece. You become a sort of “photo doctor” if you like. Photoshop has some incredibly powerful editing tools (do you really think the models in the magazines are quite that flawless?) and if you master them you can work wonders.

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Start a Stock Photo Business – If you have some actual photography skills to go with your Photoshop knowledge you can potentially do very well selling images to stock photography sites. Most websites have plenty of pictures and the owners have to source them from somewhere so they turn to one of the many online stock image sites. Many of them accept submissions from freelance amateur photographers and pay a commission of between 20% and 65% on a single photo sale.

Start a Photo Restoration Business – Many people still have plenty of old fashioned photo prints around, but the problem of course is that as these paper images age they degrade. Many an old phot5ograph can be saved and/or enhanced by someone skilled with Photoshop and a lot of people are happy to pay to preserve their precious memories.

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Create Social Media Backgrounds – More and more businesses of all sizes are venturing onto social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and need to promote their brand on this sites. One way to do that is by utilizing custom backgrounds and avatars, things that are easy and effectively created in Photoshop.

Greeting Cards, Invitations and Announcements – Personalized versions of all these things can be created in Photoshop to the highest professional standards. However much we venture into the Internet age there is still a huge demand for wedding invitations, birth announcements and an e card will never truly replace the feeling of happiness that a printed greeting card can evoke.

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Create Tutorials – After you have taken the time to learn all the ins and outs of Photoshop why not earn money while helping others do the same. Create video tutorials, white reports, even e books and sell them to people who need an extra hand to master the art of photo editing.



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