Get A Murphy Bed For Your Home Office

Lay-offs, down-sizing, right-sizing – whatever you want to call it, corporate changes have driven workers away. A lot of people have become sick and tired of the work world. This has meant a big upswing in the number of home based businesses. This mass exodus to work at home has caused a lot of spare bedrooms to become home offices. The IRS says that a home office deduction is claimed by a little over one and a half million Americans each year.

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Of course it’s great to be able to set up that spare bedroom as an office, but what do you do when the grandparents show up for a visit? While sleeping bags on the floor might work for your cousins, older guests might prefer something a little more comfortable.

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A perfect answer to comfort is the Murphy bed. The Murphy bed, or wall bed, is a bed that is vertically stored in a closet or cabinet. The head of the bed is typically affixed to the wall and the rest of the bed comes down when needed. In a motor home, a home office, a studio apartment, or any place else where space is at a premium, the Murphy Bed is a perfect space saving addition. When it is folded up in the wall, it uses a very small amount of space.

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William L. Murphy had the Murphy bed patented in 1916. Murphy was the founder of the Murphy Wall Bed Company. The term “Murphy Bed” was in such tremendous general use by 1989 that it pretty much meant any wall bed that is vertically stored. In fact, this term was so common that a decision was made in court to invalidate the trademark cover.

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Of course we have all seen the old comedies in which the hero gets swallowed up by the Murphy Bed! That’s what most people think of when they think about these beds. Both the comfort and appeal of wall beds has drastically improved, however. You can get a complete, coordinated office set in beautiful wood tones designed to suit you. A Murphy Bed is built right into these sets in such a way that you never know it’s there until you need it.

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It is very normal for the Murphy bed to sit vertical with the head of the bed next to the wall. If the space is tight for using the Murphy bed when extended, there are horizontally stored versions as well.

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Having a Murphy bed in your home office can fit into your lifestyle; you just need to find the right company to design something that will fit in with the look you need. Installing a Murphy Bed is not a job for an amateur! Be sure your installation is done by a professional installer who can do it right. In this way, you know you will be happy with the performance and functioning of your Murphy Bed for a good long while.

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