Garden Fountain – Create Magic Outside House

Garden fountain, if you manage to select the right one, can work as the single-best garden landscaping idea, adding charm to your entire house. If this outdoor garden fountain is eye-catching, you need not do anything else for the landscaping, in case you are working on a tight budget. Just set up this fountain, and play around with some cheap lighting ideas surrounding it, and that’s it. Your water garden fountain will surely earn you respect in the neighborhood. So, read on how you can create magic in your garden.


Choose Your Water Garden Fountain

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If you start looking out, you will find plenty of outdoor garden fountains displayed stylishly amid beautiful landscaping in the shops. There are these floor fountains, tabletop fountains, as well as backyard fountains. You could also choose an attractive statue fountain made of stone, ceramic, bronze, fiberglass, concrete, resin, wood, or copper, depending on the surroundings of your house and your choice. The best buy nowadays are these solar water fountains. Although there is limited choice in this category, since it is fresh arrival, it is worth the price.

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Permanent And Temporary Fountains

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Before you decide on a particular make or design, figure out whether you want the fountain permanently or on a temporary basis. For those seeking long term landscaping solutions, heavy garden fountains made of concrete, bronze, or stone are a good option, since they will last forever. While for those who like to change the decor of their house often, lightweight outdoor garden fountains could serve the purpose. They could choose fountains made of acrylic resin that give expensive sandstone feel at a lower cost.


Landscaping The Outdoor Fountain

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Lighting alone is enough to set your garden fountain on fire. Light the pond from inside, highlighting the fountain statue, to create a spectacular look. You can also use lighting to enhance the appearance of a beautiful tree. You can light the garden from within or from outside, just get all the electrical know-how to ensure that the area is safe, especially if you have children in the house. It is advisable that before you decide upon the lights for your fountain – you check their effects first using a strong flashlight or spotlight. Focus on simplicity and nuance, and refrain from overdoing anything that could make your garden look like an amusement park.

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There are various types of lights for garden fountains, each one with its own special effect, based on how you place it; keep in mind that almost all designs need lights with dark and subdued cases. Avoid chromium steel and white casings, since they can be garish, especially in the daylight. You can also look at installing timers in the lights, to automatically switch them on and off. These timers will not only save you the task of running to the plug-point to switch the lights on and off, but also save substantial amount of power units. So, what keeping you waiting? Rush to your nearest fountain store, to get one and give your garden that makeover.

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