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When your face has a lot of fat in your body, you would look plump, even if you are not overweight. This might be due to genetics or other factors. The first place of fat accumulation is around the neck and the abdomen. All the exercises might not be effective in reducing fat from the face. Here are a few fitness tips for your face.


There are more than 50 muscles to deal with the fat which is formed on your face. There are many exercises that are focused on reducing fat from the face like breathing exercises with hand massage, chanting X and O slowly. Chewing gums would work as an exercise for your face. Smiling exercises would help to tighten the cheek. Take a deep breath and puff air into the cheeks. Keep the air for 5-10 seconds and release it. This is a good exercise for your cheeks.


  • Drink a lot of water
  • Reduce salt and sugar consumption
  • Reduce fat and cholesterol items
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking
  • Add more of fruits, vegetables and calcium

Change your look

Stand straight and keep your chin up, this would make your face look thin. Use darker powder for your chin and lower cheeks and lighter shades for your face. This would make your face look thin. Change your hairstyle so that your face would not look round and plump. Thicker eyebrows can make your face look slim.

Your normal weight loss program

Reducing weight would automatically reduce the fat from your face and neck. Give more importance to exercises which involve head and neck movements.

Some don’t

  • Do not spend a lot of money on face sculpting creams.
  • Do not starve for a slim chin.
  • Do not overuse chewing gums.
  • Do not think that facial exercises alone would help to reduce your overall weight.
  • Applying heavy makeup would look awkward, instead of making your face look slim.
  • There are a lot of programs which promises to reduce face fat, in a week. Do not fall for fraudulent ones.

Your face would look puffed, if your sleep is disturbed. Sleep is very essential for a healthy and slim face. You can also shift to exercises like aerobic dance, swimming, skipping and any sports, to increase the exercise to your face. These are a few tips to attain, a slim face.


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