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How to Get a Slimmer Face?


Any woman or man who is conscious of their appearance will start with looking at their face in the mirror and visualize having high cheek bones and a slender jaw line. The rest of the body can be hidden with clothing but the face is always exposed and the chubby cheeks and double chin can never be hidden. Thinking of how to get rid of face fat the easy and safe way? Read this article carefully and at the end you will be well aware of what to do, to have a slim fatless face.

  • Many people are misled that only by liposuction one can reduce fat on face. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that the person undergoes where the surgeon will remove excess fat and tighten the skin over the face. This type of surgeries has not been successful and more than 45% of people that took the surgery are not satisfied with the results. Now the question arises whether there really is a way how to lose fat from face? The answer is yes, but with natural home remedies and not surgically or medically.
  • Alcohol is a dehydrating agent and it will leave the face looking puffy. It acts on the body and the body in turn responds to this dehydration process and stores water in different parts of the body and also the face.
  • Secondly, it is the healthy diet plan for reducing face fat that you choose. You should avoid all refined products, especially white flour which is the main source of adding calories to the body. Next is white sugar, this depletes the skin of all moisture. Caffeine and aerated sodas also cause dehydration and prevent the flush out of toxins from the body. Excess salt should also be avoided by all and also for those finding a way of how to reduce face fat for men.
  • Vitamin C is vital to have a lean and healthy face. You can have a diet that includes broccoli, water melon juice, strawberries and carrots.
  • A proper facial massage can help to lose face fat. The face too, like other parts of the body, has muscles and if these muscles are not taken care of, it will lose its elasticity. With a good and constant massage, these muscles will be kept alive and the skin will be bouncy and radiant. A good home remedy to massage your face: take 3 drops of essential lemon oil and 2 teaspoons of olive oil and use this mixture to apply over the face. Start the massage from the chin and move upwards, working your hands gently on the cheeks till the forehead. This massage will reduce the water retention and tone the facial muscles.

The tips mentioned here are not solutions to your question of how to reduce fat in face; you have to make sure you follow a strict diet and most of all follow face exercises to lose face fat.

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