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Diet Before and After Workout


The food that you eat before and after workout will determine how much muscle you will gain and how much fat you will lose
If you have been working out hard out in the gym or outdoor and not getting the desired result, the reasons may be lays somewhere else. It might be in the DIET you consume. If your muscle gain is slow than you need to flow pre and post workout plan. Here I will share the way to burn fat and build muscle in weeks, instead of months
Just look at what we are surrounding with. We see many people exercising sincerely, but don’t see remarkable difference in their body. Some people spend remarkable time in the gym daily, but still look same. Why is that?
Because the result always come with the combination of Diet and workout, the ratio of Diet and Workout  should be proper. The results you get are 80% from Diet and 20% from Workout. The real magic lies in the food you eat. Want to get result fast? Redesign your before and after Workout meals. They play a key role in the effectiveness of your Workout. An effective Workout demands complete and proper Diet. You need to consume right meal before and after you train so you have the energy to get through a strenuous Workout and the proper nutrients for muscle growth and fat burn
To crush a tough workout, you need energy. Carbohydrates are your body`s preferred fuel source.
When to have:
should be taken before 60 to 90 minutes of strength training or cardio workout
How much to eat:
Protein=0.25g per pound of your target body weight
Carbs=0.25g per pound of your target body weight

What to eat:

you can take any one of following option.

  1. egg white, vegetable omelet with whole grain bread
  2. one bowl of Brown rice with curd
  3. Cottage cheese
  4. Mango with curd
  5. Oatmeal with banana and strawberries
  6. A bowl of whole oats with low fat milk
  7. Fruit smoothie made with soya milk banana, strawberries and honey
  8. Yogurt with banana, walnuts, apple, and honey

The post nutrition workout meals help your body repair and replenish it after breaking down the muscle. Protein repairs muscle, and builds or maintains muscle mass effectively
When to eat:
It should ideally be eaten with the first 60 minutes after your workout or better yet, within the first 30 minutes after your workout
How much to eat:
Protein=0.5 per pound of your target body weight
Carbs=0.25 g per pound of your target body weight


What to eat
After workout hydration is the main goal. Pure water is the best source of hydration. Drink lot of water. No energy drink is required. They contain large amount of sugar and calories, coconut water is the great alternative to the energy drink, offering potassium and magnesium for the body

  1. Low fat milk or soya milk
  2. Egg white with low fat paneer/cheese/tofu
  3. Bowl of boiled sprouts and kidney beans
  4. Spinach salad with a sliced chicken breast
  5. Any fish cuisine


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