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Chocolate that halves the fat


Scientists create new recipe where apple, orange and cranberry juice droplets replace half fat content in chocolate

A Willy Wonka-style discovery could lead to “skinny” chocolate bars made with fruit juice instead of fat. Scientist at the University of Warwick has come up with a way to cut half the fat from the confectionery while retaining its “chocolaty” feel.

The secrete is juice in the form of micro-bubbles that preserve a texture that is firm to bite yet malts in the mouth.

Lead researcher Dr Stefan Bon said, “we have established the chemistry that`s the starting point for healthier chocolate confectionary. This approach maintains the things that make chocolate `chocolaty`, but with fruit juice instead of. Now we are hoping the food industry will use the technology to make tasty, lower-fat chocolate bars and other candy.”

The technology works with all kind of chocolate – dark, milk and white, said Dr Bon. The Warwick team has made chocolate infused with apple, orange and cranberry juice.

The opportunity to replace part of fat matrix with water-based juice droplets allows for greater flexibility and tailoring of both the fat and sugar contents.


Chocolate contains healthy anti-oxidant plant chemicals known as flavonoids, but also high levels of unhealthy fat and sugar. A two ounce serving of top-quality dark chocolate contains 13 grams of fat –a fifth of the total daily amount recommended for someone consuming 2000 calories a day

Much of this fat is the saturated Varity that is bad for the heart and arteries. Chocolate is technically an emulsion- a combination of ingredients that normally would not mix together- of coca butter and water or milk combined with cocoa powder.


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