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Smart Contracts

We are finishing all Chronobank asset management related contracts developments and glad to announce our bug bounty program.



We are working hard on the CBE and LOC smart contracts, which will be acting as a ChronoBank platform backend. At the moment most test and operation confirmation parts are done. These contracts are also under the ChronoBank bug bounty program.

The ChoronoMint user interface is a main tool. It is under active development.

We’ve finished user authentication features which pass to separate interfaces for CBE users and LOC users.

We’ve improved Dashboard layout for better user experience.


LOCs management features have been finished.

Smart contract upload to IPFS feature has been added.

Pending operation list to approve LOC creation has been created.

LHs for LOC administration is coming. We are adding new feature on the week basis, stay tuned.



We are working on adding exchange features. More exchange features will be available soon. We’ve also started the UX development project. Common user interface building guidelines will be produced for all ChronoBank UI projects. We have supported adaptive layout of user interfaces from the very beginning but we are also keeping in mind development of native mobile wallets for the IOS and Android platforms in the future.


Development Tools

As mentioned before, we have chosen ConsenSys Truffle as our smart contracts development framework. We are using React.js + Redux and Google Material-UI as our frontend frameworks for most UI projects. At the moment we are working hard to stabilize our CI/CD process. A bench of automation scripts have been developed, travis-ci has been set up. We are working on implementing service to track test coverage of all our sources.


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