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Skin Condition In Your Twenties

Most people have balanced hormones by the age of 20 (however, pregnancy can play havoc with your skin). By your 20s, your hormones have settled down. Your skin typically needs minimal care for great results. Skin in good condition is dewy, moist, and radiant with no wrinkles or sagging. You may notice a couple of lines around your eyes when you squint, but those aren't really considered wrinkles.

Your skin's oil production has slowed down and your skin is starting to change. The cell renewal cycle of 21 to 28 days is also starting to slow down. If you've had acne outbreaks as a teenager, they have probably slowed down as well. Your skin still has ample amounts of collagen and elastin. Twenty-year-old skin is the benchmark of great skin for women of all ages. Enjoy your skin now and start adopting a lifestyle that will keep your skin healthy and glowing for the rest of your life.

By your early 20s, at the latest by age 25, you need to be on a daily skin care ritual of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day. Never go to sleep in your makeup.

Exfoliation becomes essential to keep your skin cells turning over quickly. Use an alpha-hydroxy (AHA) or beta-hydroxy (BHA) acid exfoliant once a month, or more often if skin is congested. You'll learn more about exfoliation in exfoliation AThe idea is to avoid the harsher exfoliants, such as glycolic acid peels or microdermabrasion, as your skin doesn't need them yet. Lactic acid is a mild exfoliant and you can use this more frequently. Otherwise, alternate AHAs or BHAs with scrubs and enzyme exfoliants, doing about one treatment per week.

Be sure to apply sunscreen every morning immediately after your skin care ritual. Reapply often if you are outdoors during the day. Keep your skin's natural color don't even think about getting a natural suntan, and don't go near a tanning booth. If you have spent time in the sun with unprotected skin, your skin could start showing sun damage in your 20s.

To keep your skin healthy, schedule regular exercise into your daily agenda. Exercise vigorously at least three times a week. Do aerobic, strength, and flexibility training. Take a vitamin-mineral supplement to assure that you are getting the nutrition you need to support healthy skin.

This is the decade when many women decide to start families and become pregnant. Skin changes during pregnancy, often for the better, but sometimes not. During pregnancy, skin can become congested with breakouts due to the change in hormones. Don't panic. Be very gentle with your skin. Maintain your daily skin care ritual using products designed for breakouts and congestion. Your skin will return to normal when you stop breastfeeding.

Skin inspiration

Both men and women may start gaining weight in their 20s. Take action now to eat well and exercise to master your weight and your size. Weight gain and weight loss play a large role in creating sagging skin, wrinkles, and double chins. That way, you can avoid weight gain in later years. If your pregnancy weight gain resulted in visible stretch marks, you can use one of the wonderful stretch mark creams now available at the drugstore or health-food store.


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