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Skin Care For Men

Some advanced skin care companies are leading edge. They recognize that men want to have great-looking skin, too. They also know that few men will stand in front of a department store cosmetic counter and ask for advice. After all, men are famous for not asking for directions. Why would they willingly stand in the women's section of a store asking for advice?

Along comes the men's section. You can often find men's skin care products in the men's perfume and cologne section of department stores. You can also purchase men's lines online.

Are men's products different than women's? Essentially, no. The five skin types are the same for both men and women, and the same products work for men and women. If there's any difference at all, it's only skin deep-the packaging comes in masculine colors and more angular designs. Fragrances may seem more "manly."

Men can shop for men's skin care products, or men can purchase the same products women use. It depends on your preference, stamina, and courage. But, by all means, purchase and use the products you need to put your best face forward.

The Deciding factor

Personal preference is characterized by how you think of yourself and how you perceive a skin care line. All of the marketing research in the world can't accurately predict how you personally will make a buying decision.

Your beliefs about your skin, your social status, and your lifestyle dictate your choices. For example, some women will sacrifice the grocery budget to purchase a $75 jar of moisturizer. Some women eagerly look forward to the day when their income increases enough to comfortably purchase department store or designer skin care lines.

Men may borrow skin care products from their wives or friends rather than been seen purchasing products at the store. They think that wouldn't be masculine. On the other hand, some men get regular facials at a skin care salon.

Many men and some women don't want to mess with their skin and can't imagine buying much more than the mere basics plus lip balm. Respect your belief system. Whatever you do for your skin, it needs to fit you and who you are. Otherwise, you'll ultimately be disappointed.


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