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Best way to apply foundation

Learning how to apply foundation happens to be the most important part of any makeup regimen. It’s the secret towards a flawless appearance. But the lack of expertise in laying out the foundation is one of the blunders that most women make. If you don’t know how to select the right foundation, the results may not be appealing regardless of how skillful you are in applying eye makeup or lipstick. Foundation is applied with the good intentions of enhancing your natural appearance. You can find one or combine a few to suit the needs of your skin without going to extremes in choosing color or texture.

Best way to apply foundation
Best way to apply foundation

4 Best Ways To Apply Foundation

Select the Right Formula

Same as your mood keeps changing, your skin changes as well. A foundation formula that is perfect in winter may not yield appealing results in summer. It is, therefore, important to learn how your skin reacts to changes in weather or different seasons.

If you have oily skin and larger pores, a powder foundation may give the perfect look. However, if your skin is dry and more mature, a liquid or cream formula is ideal to hydrate and smoother your skin.

Best Coverage

Coverage can be categorized into three major types, which include sheer, medium and dark.

  • Sheer: It is lightweight and only requires a very thin layer of your foundation. It is least noticeable and the softest.

  • Medium: This is the standard formula that can be combined with other products to give a more opaque and thick coverage.

  • Heavy: This formula aims to cover all the imperfections on your skin. Heavy coverage should be on par with the texture of your select concealer. Ensure that the shade matches the color of your skin.

Mode of Application

You can apply foundation using a sponge, brush or your fingers.

Fingers: Fingers are convenient in applying foundation because they are costless, and one can feel where they touch on your skin. The downside of using fingers is that foundation residue can stick onto the inner side of your fingernails that can be time-wasting to cleanse. Plus, fingers are not suitable for lightweight application.

Brush: Many people prefer using brushes in applying foundation. Foundation brushes are easy to use and create an evened out appearance of your skin. It is important to cleanse makeup brushes on a weekly basis and switch to new ones every month. A brush is great especially if there is a need for reapplication later in the day.

Sponge: If you choose to apply a lightweight foundation, a sponge can be the only tool you should require. It keeps your fingers clean and makes the foundation easier when it comes to blending. However, a sponge absorbs most of the foundation, resulting in wastage. It’s recommendable to wash your sponge after every use.

Applying Makeup

How foundation is applied depends on the needs of the user. It can be applied to specific areas to even out the appearance of the skin or worn all over the face.

  • Combined with moisturizer: Foundation can be mixed with a small amount of a moisturizer to create a creamy effect. For instance, you can use a tinted moisturizer to even out discolorations without weighing down your skin. This combination is ideal especially if you require less coverage or if your skin is less prone to dryness and blemishes. Mix for yourself is better because you will be in control of where to go lighter or heavier.

  • Spot application: Many people use foundation aiming to conceal certain spots on their skin. This means that you won’t have to apply foundation on your entire face, but only target specific spots or areas prone to acne or blemishes. However, spot application requires an appropriately matched foundation that will give an evened out coverage on target areas same as the rest of your skin. This helps to hide spots or blemishes without covering up other attractive areas of your skin. Blend makeup-heavy areas using a powder to even out the appearance of your skin.

  • All over application: There are times when wearing foundation all over your face becomes necessary, particularly during photo shoots or special events. People suffering from severe facial redness can use this method to hide blemishes.


Applying foundation is an ideal way to conceal blemishes, make your skin evened out and more attractive. Your skin type, color, and cosmetic needs determine foundation formula and mode of application to use. Not everyone is a pro when it comes to wearing makeup, let alone foundation. Fortunately, you can make your skin more elegant by following simple tips as indicated above. Makeup or foundation application is best done in front of a mirror. This helps you in coming up with your desired results at the end of makeup regimen.


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