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A Brand for Your Daily Skin Ritual

Finding a skin care line or brand that works well for your skin is basically hit and miss, you can certainly gather information from friends, magazines, and Consumer Reports, but no one can tell you what lines will work best on your skin. You may want to consider using the skin care system your mother used. Since you inherited some of the qualities of her skin, this may be a good place to look first. Skin care lines change their formulations every two or three years so your mother's line may or may not work as well for you. Be sure to shop at the stores that offer skin care products in your price range.

The bottom line on selecting a brand is this: The only way to find out if a skin care line works for your skin is to use the products for about three weeks. Then you can judge the result for yourself.

When you purchase products from a skin care line, ask the sales consultant if you can return the products if they don't work for you. If the sales consultant says no refunds, move to another counter. This whole process can be difficult enough without your needing to keep investing in products that don't work. Often, a line will give you samples to try. This gets you off the hook for having to return merchandise and saves the skin care line money as well.

For the sake of your skin, and to get the very best results, use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer from the same skin care line. These products are scientifically formulated in the laboratory to work synergistically. Used together, the three products normalize your skin's pH (acid/alkaline) balance, provide proper skin hydration, and assure that the moisturizer is effective. If you substitute another product, you'll likely be disappointed.

When it comes to other skin care products, such as exfoliators, shaving gels, eye cream, and hand cream, feel free to purchase products from any line. You don't need to be faithful to a skin care line for anything but the three basics.

Also be sure to use the same products every day. Don't use one product line one day, and another the next. In a sense, this confuses your skin and it won't want to behave.

Clarifying Word

A skin care line is a term referring to a brand’s skin care products. This is a common usage in the skin care industry and at department store sales counters. Synergistically means that the combined interaction of the three products-cleanser, toner, and moisturizer-is greater than the sum of their effects individually.


Changing Skin Care Lines

It's unlikely that you'll stay with the same products throughout your life. Youthful skin has different needs than skin over 30, 40, or 50. As your skin changes, expect to change your skin care products. Many skin care lines have different formulations to suit different kinds of skin and skin ages. You may be able to shift products within a line, or you may need to find a new line altogether.

Here are some reasons you may want to change skin care lines:

  • You have a skin condition that requires special treatment. These conditions are described in Combating Common Skin Conditions. Included are congestion, dehydration, sun damage, and rosacea.
  • You're no longer satisfied with your skin and want to try something new.
  • You want to use the cosmeceuticals you've read about.
  • You're making more money and want to use more expensive products.
  • You want to save money and know you can still get great skin results for less money.
  • Your skin has matured and you need more nourishing skin care products.
  • You want to use the skin care system recommended by a skin care technician or friend.
  • For no good reason at all-you just want a change.


Follow the same skin care selection guidelines when you are making your initial purchase or when you are changing lines.


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