Antique Club Chairs

These Gentlemen’s clubs furnished the premises with these comfortable club chairs so that their patrons get the most of their pastime and leisure.

In residences they serve as perfect accent chairs for bedrooms or any other room where an extra seat is desired. Club chairs can be placed in living rooms and any other room to increase the ambience of the place. Many club chairs come with matching ottomans in a sheer attempt to maximize the relaxation of the occupant of the club chair.

Club chairs come as leather club chairs, upholstered club chairs, padded or extra cushioned club chairs to offer maximum comfort, relaxation and a pleasant seating experience. Club chairs come in a host of styles and designs from straight angles to swooping curves. They are large and deep or small and shallow, armed and unarmed.


Upholstered Club Chairs

Antique Club Chairs

Upholstered club chairs offer the highest degree of comfort. Their backs are tall and broad. Club chairs may be upholstered in leather, vinyl and fabric. People prefer fabric upholstered club chairs as they offer plenty of choice in colors, design and variety of fabric. Upholstered Club Chairs tend to be expensive but the fact that they last long and fit very well in any room is worth the money one pays to acquire it.


Dining Club Chairs

Antique Club Chairs

Dining club chairs are a classy way of combining club seating with dining. Dining club chairs combine elegance with functionality for dining and leisure at clubs.

Leather Dining club chairs are popular for the comfort they offer and their suitability for any weather. Due to its easy maintenance, durability and trendy looks, leather is considered to be the ultimate choice of seating for clubs and restaurants.


Reclining Club Chairs for Added Comfort

Antique Club Chairs

Reclining club chairs feature a reclining pad and a heel rest for a very comfortable seating. The hardwood frame of these club chairs increases the longevity of the club chair. Some reclining club chairs have a frame within the frame to give them extra strength and durability.

The soft curves of reclining club chair highlight the traditional forms of the other furniture in the rooms. Recliner club chairs can add grace and class to any interior and the rounded, spacious armrests accentuate the grandeur of the room.


Swivel Club Chairs

Antique Club Chairs

Swivel club chairs are wonderful additions to any club, office or home for style and comfort. Swivel club chairs add functionality, class and comfort to your lifestyle. Club chairs were made famous in the 18th and the 19th centuries when gentlemen’s clubs were a popular hangout for the elite.

Swivel club chairs are spacious and very relaxing. Swivel club chairs do not conform to the traditional designs of chairs. The swivel club chairs have reached homes and offices where they offer a comfortable seating with a touch of class.


Vintage Club Chairs in the home library

Antique Club Chairs

Vintage Club chairs are great accent chairs for the home library. Men would like to get away from the din of formal luncheons and dinners and smoke cigars or drink coffee with their guests over a private talk. A vintage Club Chair in the home library is an ultimate luxury for the gentleman who wants to relive his legacy as a thoroughbred.

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